Beautiful new carpeting is a safe, healthy, and economical floor-covering option that will add warmth, comfort, and a twist of personal style to your home and office space.

Our carpet catalog features a fantastic and versatile range of products manufactured by the top names in the industry to stand up to high traffic and resist life's spills and stains like never before. Our carpets are kid and pet-friendly, certified for indoor air quality, and sustainably made in the USA.

At National Floors Direct, you can choose from an unparalleled selection of in-stock name-brand carpet options. Available in hundreds of colors and in the most popular patterns and textures that you would see in high-end retail stores, our carpets are all top quality and available next day at the guaranteed lowest price.

We Bring The Store To Your Door® so you can select the right in-stock carpet to satisfy the needs of your lifestyle and budget. From your furniture and indoor lighting, to your décor and personal taste, National Floors Direct takes everything into consideration to assure that the carpet you choose fits perfectly in your installation areas. Our flooring professionals will guide you in the right direction to help bring together your new carpet and existing rooms, or create the new living space of your dreams!

Carpet Overview

Whether you want to add a touch of color to your living space or simply update the look-and-feel of it, there are thousands of carpet styles and colors to choose from that will reflect your personal space and address your needs.

Adding carpet to your living space will not only provide thermal resistance in cooler climates or seasons, but it will also retain warm air for a much longer period, which will help conserve energy and reduce heating costs.

Carpet also adds a comfortable place to sit, work, or play. This makes it an ideal choice for busy homes and family members of all ages, acting as a natural cushion that reduces the impact of footsteps, and helps minimize injuries from slips and falls.

Adding carpet to the noisiest areas of your home (spaces with constant foot traffic and rooms with TVs, sound systems, and computer speakers) will help eliminate the noise and work as a sound barrier between floors by blocking sound transmission to other rooms. While carpet helps to naturally absorb sound on its own, adding a cushion pad beneath it ads insulation and reduces noise even more!

Carpet Padding

Carpet Padding (or cushion) is a key element of most carpet installations. The type and thickness of padding you need is determined by the style and quality of the carpet you select, and the amount and patterns of foot traffic in your home.
At National Floors Direct, our flooring professionals will assess your padding needs and pair your carpet with the perfect pad to ensure your installation surpasses your expectations. Every carpet we sell includes premium padding that exceeds the manufacturer’s wear requirements for that specific product.

If you’re installing carpet in high traffic areas like a living room or staircase, a thinner and firmer cushion is recommended. In rooms with light to moderate foot traffic, like bedrooms or lounge areas, function can take a back seat to comfort and a thicker, softer padding can be installed.

At National Floors Direct, our padding standard is the industry’s “upgrade.” It’s important to learn what type of carpet padding is best for you. The wrong cushion will affect the appearance and performance of your new carpet and void any applicable carpet manufacturer’s warranties.

Carpet Installation

No matter what carpet you buy, to get the best performance you’ll need a great installation! National Floors Direct offers custom next-day carpet installation from certified professionals capable of handling any size project.
Our flooring professionals work directly with our installation teams to deliver a quick and efficient on-demand installation experience to meet your scheduling needs. By sending a qualified representative to your home, we’re able to determine everything that is needed for a textbook installation while you shop for the perfect carpet. With no surprises and never any hidden extras, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

When your installation is complete, the team on-site will clean up the space, vacuum your new carpet, and walk through the newly installed areas with you to inspect the work and make sure it’s just the way you want it. We will then present you with a Customer Satisfaction Checklist, which includes a copy of your installation warranty and instructions on how to care for and protect your investment.

At National Floors Direct, we’re not happy until you’re happy! We stand behind our work and, with over 75 years of experience, we’ll make sure you get the installation you’re looking for with products that exceed industry standards.

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