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6 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Flooring

Can't decide which type of bathroom flooring to install in your home? Here are some helpful tips for choosing what type of bathroom flooring works best.

Whether it's a luxurious master suite or a powder room, installing new flooring in your bathroom can do wonders for its aesthetics and functionality.

When it comes to choosing bathroom flooring, how do you know which option is best for you?

Read on to discover six helpful tips that will make choosing your new bathroom flooring easy for a stunning outcome you'll love.

1. Make Sure Your Flooring Is Waterproof

Besides the kitchen, the bathrooms in your home are exposed to the highest amount of moisture. Whenever you step out of the shower or tub or brush your teeth, water is likely going to splash on your floors.

On your search for the perfect bathroom flooring, make sure the material you choose is completely waterproof. Avoid floors like hardwood, which can warp and become damaged due to exposure to water and humidity.

Flooring like waterproof vinyl is an excellent choice since it resists warping or staining. Check the flooring style you like most to find out if it's recommended for use in a bathroom.

2. Easy Maintenance Is the Key

In your quest for the ultimate bathroom flooring, consider how easy the material is to clean. Tile is a beautiful choice for a bathroom, but you'll need to pay special attention to grout lines to keep it maintained.

If care and cleaning are a concern, install floors that can easily wipe clean and won't leave stains behind. Low-maintenance flooring should never need to be refinished and it should not show dirt easily.

Vinyl flooring is not just waterproof, it's also a cinch to keep it looking beautiful. Make sure you install floors that won't show discoloration when they come into contact with cleaning solutions for the best results.

3. Look for Bathroom Flooring That's Easy to Install

Whether you're doing things DIY or working with a professional installer, you want to find bathroom floors that are easy to install. Tile flooring is a beautiful option, but it's also very labor-intensive and time-consuming to complete.

Vinyl planks and click-lock flooring shouldn't take too much time to install in a bathroom. The ease of install can also depend on whether or not you need to remove your existing flooring first.

Measure your bathroom first to determine how much flooring you'll need. Dedicate a full day or two to installing your floors if you're planning to do everything on your own. A professional flooring installation company can help you decide on a timeline depending on the materials you choose.

4. Pick Flooring That Reflects Your Style

Of course, the way your new flooring looks is one of the most important things to consider. If you love unique designs, custom tile could be the way to go to elevate your bathroom's aesthetic. Textured vinyl has a wood grain feel that mimics natural materials and looks authentic.

Try wood-look laminate or vinyl to give your bathroom the beauty of hardwood without worrying about maintenance or damage. Look for flooring that comes in a color that complements the other things in your bathroom like the vanity, counters, and fixtures.

You can choose flooring in a neutral tone that will be easy to coordinate with linens and shower curtains. Bold and dramatic floors with fun patterns can dress up an otherwise ordinary bathroom. Shop around and explore the different flooring styles and colors available, and get a few samples to help you decide.

5. Factor the Cost of Materials and Installation

If you're remodeling your bathroom on a budget, you'll want to take the cost of new flooring into consideration. Some materials are more expensive than others, and when you factor in the cost of installation, it could blow your budget.

The cost of tile can vary depending on what type you choose. For example, ceramic tile is much more budget-friendly than marble or other types of stone.

If you are trying to stick with a lower budget, work with your flooring retailers to consider designs that are considered discounted inventory. Overall, vinyl is generally the most cost-effective option, while bamboo or tile could end up costing you more.

6. Consider Resale Value

If you're remodeling your bathroom for the purpose of selling your home, the value of the new flooring is something to consider. Material like vinyl is functional and great for busy households, but it might not give you the best return.

Porcelain, stone, or ceramic tile tends to have higher resale value when it comes to bathroom flooring. Think about your market and consider what buyers are looking for in a home to help you decide which material is best.

In terms of resale, it can often boil down to who's looking at your home. Families with young children might prefer the durability of vinyl or laminate, while a young couple might love the idea of stone tile in the bathroom.

Elevate Your Bathroom With Beautiful New Floors

Whether it's gorgeous tile or practical vinyl, new bathroom flooring will do wonders for this busy part of your home. Take some of these factors into consideration when you're thinking about which type of flooring to buy.

Floors that are not just beautiful but also easy to maintain will give you the most value when it comes to functionality. Explore different styles and materials to help you find the perfect floors for you.

Explore our flooring options online and contact us today for more information so we can help you beautify your home.