7 Top Trends at National Floors Direct

7 of 2023's Top Flooring Trends

55% of homeowners renovated their homes in some way last year. Are you going to be part of that statistic for 2023? If so, it might be time to get new floors. 

Finding the best floors for your home can be tricky. There are seemingly endless options, and this is a decision that will last you a long time. How do you narrow down your options?

While not everyone prefers to follow trends, we're here with a few of the most popular flooring trends for 2023 to give you some inspiration. Read on to learn more. 

1. Patterned Statement Tiles

This one might not be for every home or business owner, but for some people, it will be a must-have. That's right, we think that patterned statement tiles are going to be hot for the duration of 2023 (and potentially even beyond that).

Unique floor styles aren't for everyone, but they genuinely make an impact. Often, patterned statement tiles are only for backsplashes or shower walls, but this year, we think they're making their way back to new floors. 

People may not choose to have rooms full of statement tiles, but putting several patterned or decorative tiles amidst some more conventional tiles on the floor is a great way to change things up and create more visual interest. Will you try this trendy floor style? 

2. Wide Plank Laminates

Wide plank laminate floors are perfect for anyone who wants a farmhouse style (or something similar) but who doesn't want to deal with hardwood. Hardwood is fantastic, but it's not the right choice for every lifestyle or budget. Laminate is a good alternative. 

Laminate floors are durable, easy to install, and somewhat soft (in comparison to other hard flooring options). They're also relatively easy to clean and affordable. 

The wide plank style resembles hardwood and it looks good with a variety of different home decor styles. Leave it bare or cover it with a plush rug. It's simple, classic, and effortlessly stylish, so it's a good long-term flooring option. 

3. Retro Styles

Styles always come back around, and floor styles are no exception. Retro styles of all kinds are definitely back in 2023.

So what types of retro styles are we talking about? Honestly, most of them. With a resurgence in appreciation for old homes, many people are trying to replicate vintage and retro styles in their own modern houses or condos. 

Checkerboard tiles, for example, are coming back in a big way, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Shag carpets are starting to have their time in the sun as well (despite the general push away from carpets in recent years).

You can also expect to see more pastel-toned tiles that mimic some of the popular trends of decades past. If you opt for pastel tiles, remember that they'll be there long-term. Make sure you're able to style them in a way that you'll enjoy for years to come!

4. Plush Carpets

Again, there has been a push against carpets for the past few years. Many people find them difficult to clean, they tend to wear down easily in high-traffic spaces, and people with allergies struggle with them. 

That said, carpets are making a comeback. Modern carpets can be hypoallergenic and easier to clean than the carpets of the past. You can get a carpet that feels soft to the touch even after years of wear and tear. 

People are opting for thick and luxurious carpets in white or jewel tones, for the most part. The beige carpets of the past are mostly for investors who are hoping to avoid obvious stains and signs of wear. 

5. Faux Stone

Faux stone is back and better than ever, mostly for bathrooms, but some people are using it all over their homes and businesses.

Real stone tiles are cold, often rough, and expensive. While they're durable, they're just not the best choice for every homeowner. On the other hand, faux stone is an excellent option that's cost-effective, easy to clean, durable, and far easier to install than real stone. 

It comes in so many different styles. It's smooth to the touch and warmer than real stone, making it great even for homes in cooler climates. It has a "classic" look that fits many interior design styles. 

6. Classic Hardwood

You can't go wrong with classic hardwood, can you? 

Hardwood almost never goes out of style. It's gorgeous, it comes in a wide variety of styles, and because it's natural, every hardwood floor is at least somewhat unique. 

You can get a bright cherry-toned wood floor or something dark and cool. Put it in almost any room for a look that's both classic and modern. Modern wood floors are more durable and easier to clean than wood floors of the past, so you don't have to worry as much about maintenance. 

7. Vinyl

Vinyl has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and for good reason. Like laminate, it's an affordable and easy-to-install alternative to many other flooring styles. It's durable, stylish, and versatile. 

You can use vinyl in place of wood, stone, and even laminate tiles. It's incredibly easy to clean and water-resistant so you can clean up messes in a flash. For this reason, it's popular amongst business owners who get heavy foot traffic, real estate investors, and homeowners who have pets or small children. 

Which of These Flooring Trends Is Right for You? 

Flooring trends come and go, but these trends for 2023 are great. Which of them do you think will look great in your home or business? 

Whether you want to stick with a classic hardwood floor, opt for durable laminate or vinyl, or take it back to the past with retro floors, at least one of these styles is sure to work for you. 

If you're in need of new flooring, we've got you covered! Shop our wide selection of styles today or get a free in-home estimate.