Homeowner using an area rug to protect their hardwood floors

7 Ways to Prevent Claw Marks and Pet Stains on Wood Floors

Pet stains on wood floors can be your home's worst nightmare. We want our furry friends to be happy in their home, but not at the expense of ruining the quality of our beautiful hardwood floors.

So, what do you do to preserve and protect your hardwood floors from pets? We've got you covered. Here are seven ways to prevent your canines and felines from causing hardwood floor pet damage.

1. Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean

Pay special attention to high traffic areas where your pets travel. Hair and dirt are like sandpaper to your floor. They enable pets to inflict some of the worse damage. The damage occurs when your pets run across these areas grinding hair and dirt into your floor. When cleaning, use a soft-bristle broom or a vacuum with a brush attachment to clean up your floors daily to prevent this from occurring and preserving your floor.

2. Trim Your Pets Nails Regularly

When your pets' nails grow too long, they can gouge into your floors. But when you clip their nails regularly, it can prevent them from causing damage.

When your dogs walk across the floor and you hear a clicking sound, it's time for their nails to be trimmed. You can trim them on your own with special nail clippers for pets or schedule an appointment with a pet groomer.

3. Wipe up Pet Urine Immediately

Pet urine can seep into your beautiful hardwood floors when left on your floor for too long. This is one of the toughest pet stains on wood floors. It changes the color of your floorboards and worsens over time.

The ammonia in the urine will also create an awful odor that's almost impossible to remove from your wood if left there too long.

Use a damp paper towel to wipe up the urine. Then apply a disinfectant agent to the area. Next, apply baking soda over the spot and leave it to settle overnight. Vacuum it up with the brush attachment the following day.

To remove the smell, consider using a vinegar and water mixture. Pour one part white vinegar to three parts water into a spray bottle. Spray it over the area.

Other cleaners you can use include enzyme-based products. They break down the urine proteins which will eliminate the smell.

Mix the cleaner with hot water and spray it on the soiled area and mop the floor. Afterward, dry the floor thoroughly. For cat urine, here are some tips.

4. Invest in Dog Nail Clips

An effective way to avoid your dog from scratching your floor is by using dog nail clips. Sometimes these are also called paw covers. These plastic coverings fit over your dog's nails and won't harm them.

Once they're clipped onto your dog's nails, they won't bother on your dog. Your dog groomer can apply them during a grooming appointment. These paw covers work well to protect your hardwood floors and prolong their longevity.

5. Choose a Harder Hardwood

Hardwood flooring comes in a wide variety of choices. Some hardwoods are tougher than others.

They also come in engineered hardwood and solid hardwood. If you're considering installing a hardwood floor, consult your professional flooring specialist about the durability of these options.

They'll be able to guide you on the best type of flooring to purchase for your home, and the best type of floors for pet owners.

6. Place Runners in Your Dog's Path

Pets take a regular path to areas in your home where they travel to. There's a route to their food bowl, to your bedroom, to the sliding door to the backyard, and to the front door where they run to.

These places, often hallways, are high traffic areas in your home that need runners. Runners will prevent hardwood floor pet damage.

Every home has unique pathways your pets travel on their way to their next diversion. Find each area and place a runner over your hardwood floors. You'll find it's a great way of preserving those spots.

7. Clean up Water Bowl Spills Right Away

As pet owners, we often have a few water bowls scattered through our homes in our pets' favorite places. There's one in the kitchen next to the food bowl and one in the bedroom where our furry friend likes to spend time with us in the evenings.

Dogs can make a mess when they slurp water from their bowls. It's important to get those spills off the floor pronto. Make sure to wipe up the water as soon as you find them. Consider putting something down to soak up the spill like a mat.

How to Prevent Pet Stains on Wood Floors to Keep Your Home Looking Beautiful

Follow these essential seven steps to prevent pet stains on wood floors and other pet damage to your floors. Practicing these guidelines will keep the flooring in your home looking fantastic for years to come.

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