Commercial hardwood flooring in a business application

Business Flooring: 8 Reasons Your Business Needs Hardwood Floors

Business flooring is a long-term investment that boosts your customer appeal. Before you buy new flooring to spruce up your business space, here are 10 reasons to stick to hardwood.

1. Commercial Hardwood Floors Handle Heavy Foot Traffic

Commercial hardwood uses specialized finishes to protect the flooring. One method even infuses acrylic through the hardwood to harden it. Engineered hardwood uses layers of wood to boost the floor's durability. When shopping for flooring, ask the supplier which is best for your building given the amount of foot traffic you are expecting.

2. Scratches & Scuffs on Business Flooring Add Character

Remember that a few scuffs and scratches on hardwood can add character! A scuff or crack in a tile floor can make the floor look old and in need of replacement. Imagine you drop a heavy crate on your hardwood floor, if it does leave a mark, it has a better chance of adding charm then appearing as a large spot with damage.

3. Hardwood Flooring Comes in a Wide Variety of Options

Unlike other commercial floors, commercial hardwood retains a unique look. This is thanks to the nature of wood and its varying ring patterns; it is impossible to make two real wood floors look identical.

To customize your business flooring further, discuss the different types of hardwood with your installer, for example, Reclaimed, Solid, or Engineered wood to name a few.

Each type of hardwood flooring has special needs for regular maintenance. Ask your supplier about flooring upkeep when you're shopping.

4. Ability to Choose a Color That Suits Your Business

There's nothing wrong with sticking to a classic hardwood style. Woods like cherry and tigerwood bring bright natural colors into your building.

If you want to flex your creativity, you might want to try a bolder flooring color. Start your flooring project with bleached hardwood. Blue and black are popular stain colors but you can find stains in almost any primary color.

5. Ability to Avoid Trapping Allergens

Does it feel like your employees spend a lot of time dealing with dust? The problem could be your old carpet. Dust particles cling to carpet fibers and release when people walk over them.

For businesses catering to those with asthma and allergies, dust is a big problem. The fastest way to end the dust takeover is by installing hardwood floors. It takes far less time to clean hardwood and keep dust at bay.

6. Hardwood Floors are a Breeze to Maintain

With carpeting, you need to invest in good vacuums to keep them clean. If you switch to hardwood, a dust mop and regular mop are all you need.

Every day, use a dust mop with a microfiber head to sweep up any dust. You can also use a lightweight vacuum if your space is too big for sweeping. After sweeping, a quick mop with wood-safe cleaner brings back the wood's shine.

7. Hardwood Flooring Has a Long Life Expectancy

Did you know that there are still hardwood floors from the 1700s in America? Assuming you maintain your floor well and avoid flooding and severe damage if you treat the floor right, your investment will last for years to come.

8. Hardwood Floorsing for Business Improve Building Acoustics

When many people are speaking in a room with a concrete floor, the sound can carry immensely. Too much noise has the potential to frazzle customers, as it can make it difficult to concentrate on their buying decision.

Hardwood, on the other hand, absorbs sound waves and dampens the noise.

Wow Your Customers With Your New Hardwood Flooring

It's important to make a strong first impression with potential customers. Get off on the right foot with new business flooring.

The type of hardwood flooring you chose says a lot about your business. Let the pros at National Floors Direct help you pick the right business flooring. We promise fast, reliable service.

Browse through our hardwood flooring options. If you have any questions, contact us today!