Different Types of Carpet for Your Home

Different Types of Carpet for Your Home

The humble carpet is still one of the most popular choices for flooring in our homes.

There are so many different types of carpet available, and we don't just mean colors or how thick the pile is!

If you're looking to update the floors in your home, here is all the information you need on choosing carpet.

The Benefits of Carpet

Carpet can help keep your home warm in the winter, by acting as insulation for your floors.

It's also warm and cozy to step on in bare feet and reduces noise from the impact of shoes or stomping feet.

There are many benefits to having carpet in your home. Let's take a look at some of the things to consider and the different types of carpet you can choose from.

Types of Piles

Carpet is made by pushing fibers through a backing material. Sometimes the fibers are cut, creating a cut pile. Sometimes they are looped back and forth creating a looped pile. The pile can be made long or short and have varying densities.

Different piles have different qualities, so make sure you consider the pile that's right for your space. Longer pile makes for a softer footing but can be harder to clean. The shorter pile may not look or feel as luxurious, but is often more durable.

Some types of pile include:

This is a common type of loop which is short, durable, and less likely to stain.

Level Loop
A short pile with even loops, which is durable and good for high traffic areas.

Multi-level Loop
A pile with loops of different heights, creating texture. Often multi-loop piles come with a design or pattern.

A closely packed and evenly cut pile. Soft but not so durable, with individual fibers that can come out.

A pile that is shorter than Saxony and even more tightly packed. It's luxurious but better suited to low traffic areas.

A twisted pile, which is stain resistant. It's also soft and textures as it ages and wears.

Frieze Cut
Curly pile, sturdy but not ideal for high traffic. It's often referred to as shag and can be hard to clean.

This is often made up of both cut and looped pile, sharing the qualities of both.

Types of Carpet Materials

Just like different types of pile, different types of carpet materials have different qualities. Some materials will be harder wearing, some will be better for stains or pets.

Whatever the material, don't forget that taking proper care of your carpet can also help it feel and look new for longer.

Wool is an environmentally friendly option that is soft and luxurious. It's also naturally resistant to flames.

Extremely soft and durable, cotton is even hypoallergenic. It does collect dirt but is easy to wash.

This is both a soft and durable material. It's resistant to stains which makes it a popular choice.

A synthetic but green option, as it can be made using recycled plastics. This makes it extra tough and durable. It's also stain-resistant and recyclable. It does wear faster than wool or nylon in high traffic areas though.

With similar fibers to wool, it's often used as a synthetic substitute. It's stain-resistant but not as durable as nylon and does hold on to oils that collect dust and dirt.

Another synthetic alternative to wool, with a similar look and feel, although not very durable for high traffic areas. It's resistant to most things though, like mildew, fading, and stains.

This stands for Bulk Continuous Filament, and it means the carpet is made from a single piece of fiber. BCF carpets have the benefit of not shedding.

Stapled Carpet Fibres
A carpet with stapled fibers is likely to shed, particularly during and after fitting.

More Carpet Options

This choice often comes down to personal preference, but there are some things to bear in mind.

You'll want to choose a color or pattern that goes with the rest of the room's style and furnishing.

Remember that lighter colors will stain more easily and require more cleaning than darker colors. If you decorate often, consider a neutral color that will go with different wallpapers or paint.

An extra padded layer under your carpet can make it feel even softer and more luxurious. It will also add extra insulation and sound deadening.

Other Considerations

We've spoken about different piles and materials, but how do you know which one is right for you?

Homes With Pets
You will probably want something strong and stain-resistant. Consider a short nylon pile. Try to pick something with a cut pile rather than a loop if you have cats, as claws can catch and pull the threads.

Homes With Children
For hardwearing and easy to clean, try a short nylon loop pile. For stain resistance, try something synthetic like polypropylene.

Carpets for Stairs and Hallways
Choose something durable with a short pile for high traffic areas.

Long-lasting Carpets
Most carpets can last from five to eight years, but as with most things, if you look after it, it will look and feel good for longer. Hardwearing materials will also help your carpets life span. Try a frieze or Berber pile.

Environmentally Friendly
Natural carpet types like wool or cotton are a clear choice here. Also the green polypropylene.

Mold Resistant Carpet
Synthetic materials are less likely to go moldy as they won't retain moisture. A short pile is also a good idea.

Time to choose!

There are many types of carpet available and lots to consider when choosing a carpet for your home.

Now you have all the information to make the right decision, you can browse our range of carpets and contact us for a free in-home estimate.