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Fabulous Flooring: The Best Wood Flooring Trends in 2020

Wow, 2020. We can't believe it either, but here we are. With a new decade comes new trends. Get ahead of the game and find the best wood flooring for your trendy home now. Think about what is important to you in your wood flooring. Is it style? Ability to maintain? Longevity? So, what is the best wood flooring for YOUR home? It isn't a one size fits all answer, so we won't give you one. We've taken a peek into the crystal ball. Read on for our guide of the best wood flooring trends of 2020.


There are 60,000 different species of trees out there. That is a lot of types of wood! And that means even more types of wood flooring! We've highlighted a couple of the more popular types of wood for 2020.

Solid Hardwood

These will last a long time, and we are all about maintaining a well-designed hardwood floor! Like we said, there are a lot of trees out there, call National Floors Direct to talk to a representative about what would work best for you.


Reclaimed wood is all the trend. It is easily manipulated to look rustic or elegant and is a great hardwood type for the creative.


The component that most customers are concerned with as far as the design of their hardwood floor design is the color! The color of your floor is going to help determine the feel of your kitchen. Do you want it warm and inviting? Cool and rustic? Color can help translate the emotion you're wanting to convey.

Multiple Colors

We LOVE this trend of multiple colors. It really allows the buyer to put a personal touch on their hardwood flooring. Whether it is various shades of whitewashed wood or different stains, it is going to be in style for the new year, and beyond.


Gray, grey, however you spell it, it is in! While some think that the trend may come to an end soon, we don't think so. Gray has always been popular with customers, but now it is branching beyond its normal clientele. There are these combinations of dulled out greys and beiges that have surged in popularity this past year and we expect the trend to rise and continue throughout the decade. Gray blends are definitely in. Both light gray and dark gray can bring a cozy and homey look to your house. We think light gray hardwood flooring will be a top 2020 trend.


Similar to the light gray hardwood flooring, a whitewashed floor will be in style for the new decade. We love the whitewashed floor with a farm-inspired kitchen design.

Honey and Blonde

A light honey and blonde are going to remain to be a popular flooring choice in 2020. This look has been in for decades and it isn't going anywhere! Now we like some cool tones to give the honey and blonde a different feel.

Dark and Cool Toned

Dark and cool-toned hardwood floors are going to be huge in 2020, and far beyond. Dark floors pair perfectly with walls that are painted white or another light color. In years past, lots of wood have warm undertones. Warm tones are red, orange, yellow. Now, cool tones are surging in popularity and those have more of a grey or blue or essentially every color but warm tones. And yes, lovers of the color black rejoice! Black has always been fashionable, but now it is in style for your floors, too.

Textures and Finishes

Of course, you knew wood has different finishes, but who would think that texture would be a component of floor design? It is just flat, right? Yes, but it is a little more complicated than that!


A cool new trend is hand-scraped or wire-brushed woods. These techniques make it so the wood isn't completely smooth, but that the ground is still flat to walk on. It offers a cool rustic look that will be ever so trendy for 2020.


We think distressed wood will remain in style for a while, which we think is pertinent when making your hardwood flooring decisions.

Wood Stains

Satin or matte wood stains have replaced the previously popular shiny hardwood floors. We're on board!


Oil is natural, eco-friendly, and brings out the beauty of your wood floors.


The color and finish of the wood are not the only aspects of the design that can make or break your floor. Mixed widths and lengths are currently in trend and will continue in 2020 to be a popular choice for floor patterns. Wide planks, both long and short, are fashionable and we believe this style will remain in for quite a bit. As far as other patterns go, herringbone and diagonal will be trendy for 2020 and beyond. Your floor layout can act as a statement piece for your kitchen, choose the pattern that you truly love and you cannot go wrong.

Friend of the Environment

One trend we can get on board with is to be environmentally friendly with your flooring choices. In light of recent lifestyle trends to be more conscious of everyday use and waste, people have turned that into a desire to be responsible for the environment in all aspects of their life, including their house design. A simple way to do this is to use oil finishes and natural polishes free of VOCs. It'll bring out the beauty in your floor, and help preserve the beauty of the environment.

Pro Tips on Finding the Best Wood Flooring

The number one thing you can do when choosing the best wood flooring is to pick something that will last long beyond the current trend. As always, we're here at National Floors Direct when you're not sure where to turn next for your flooring needs.