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How to Keep Your Carpeted Floor Always Clean: 7 Essential Tips

Do you have kids or pets?

If the answer is yes, you likely have unappealing stains and spills on your carpet. Not only can this take away from the overall appeal of your home, but it can even make your rooms look dirty. That's why today, we've created a complete guide with essential tips you need to know to clean a carpeted floor. Keep writing to learn more!

Invest in Doormats

Buying high-quality doormats for all entrances of your home and keep your carpet protected. Give the people entering your home the chance to wipe off their shoes as they're coming into your home with a doormat. If you live in a colder climate, mud, snow, and salt can quickly enter your home. Not only can this make a large mess in terms of cleanup, but it can even stain your carpet. During heavy rains over the winter, having to doormats, one inside of your home, and the other outside, give your guests a chance to check out the shoes and clean them before entering your home.

Clean Stains ASAP

The more you put off cleaning any stains from your pets, spills, or food, the harder it'll be to clean. The longer that these items have to soak into your carpet, the more damage that they'll do. To increase the lifespan of your carpet, clean up any messes quickly. Keep in the back of your mind that different types of stains require different techniques and products to clean them, so make sure that you're using the best materials to get up any blemishes.

Take Your Shoes Off

If you want to make sure that your carpet is clean, make some rules in your home to take your shoes off as soon as you are inside. This will eliminate the transfer of the debris and dirt from outside in your home. Wearing house slippers or socks can keep the carpet in your home protected from any dirt or oil that is on your feet. Just be sure never to wear the shoes or socks outside, as any debris that you pick up on them will be transferred into your home.

Invest in a High-Quality Vacuum

If the majority of your home is covered and carpet, investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner will keep your carpets looking good as new. Vacuuming consistently the best way that you can go about taking care of your carpets and ensuring that there is any build-up of debris. However, a low-quality vacuum that doesn't have the suction won't get up anything packed into your carpet fibers.

Keep in mind that you want to vacuum at least twice a week. You should also know that the way your vacuum in your carpets matters. A good piece of advice is to go over each spot on your carpet at least 12 times as you're vacuuming. If the area and the carpet gets a lot of foot traffic, you could consider increasing the number of times you vacuum over that spot. Make sure to vacuum in each direction to get the maximum amount of packed and debris out.

Create Designated Areas in Your Home

If you have pets or children, creating rules for a designated area and help to keep your carpet cleaner. Practices such as no eating or drinking in a carpeted room, no running with food or drinks, no pets on the carpet, and no shoes in the house can keep your floors cleaner.

However, be prepared for your children or pets not always to follow the rules. If your pet isn't well trained or your children don't understand the importance of keeping a carpet clean, you can create a designated area for them to play in.

You can create a designated area by putting their toys in one room of the home, a room where they can play and not have to worry about getting anything dirty. If this doesn't work, you can try installing pens for your children to play in. A fence is a great way to keep your pets trained to say out of carpet they're not supposed to walk on.

Groom Your Pets

Keeping your pets well-groomed is another great way to keep your carpet cleaner. This doesn't mean that you have to cut off all of the fur on your dog, as even short fur will spread around your home. Focusing on keeping the fur on your dog healthy makes it easier for you to clean your carpets. Grooming your pet frequently will remove dead for, dirt, dead skin flakes, and any other debris that's been trapped in their fur. This will reduce the amount of debris that's becoming in bedded in your carpets, making it easier for you to clean your carpet floors.

Choosing the Best Carpet Cleaner

If your child or pet makes a mess on your carpet, choosing the best carpet cleaner based on the messy made or can well successfully remove stains. Some carpet cleaners require a chemical application, while others depend on steam pressing or deep cleaning to remove the stain. Don't just apply any carpet cleaner on a stain. Make sure that the carpet cleaner was intended to be used to remove the specific stain on your carpet.

Keeping Your Carpeted Floor Clean

By understanding how to keep your carpeted floor clean with these easy tips, you'll help to extend the life out of your carpets.

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