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The Most Beautiful Hardwood Floor Stain Colors

Did you know that the average home renovations cost anywhere between 18,126 and $76,422?

This high number means that it's important to make every penny count. To ensure that this happens, you'll need to know all there is to understand about hardwood floor stain colors so you can make the most informed choice.

Read on to learn how to choose the hardwood flooring colors that will best complement your home.

Cool Hues

Cool tones have less saturation than their warmer counterparts do. They invoke the feel of a cold yet calming day.

If you want to add some icy sophistication to your room, you may want to get cool undertones in your hardwood stain. This is especially true if your furniture is blue, green, or light purple.

Elegant White

Looking for something sleek, cool, and popular in 2021? White hardwood flooring may be the right choice. Staining your floor in snowy hues is a great way to ensure that the graining stands out whether you want it to be gray or tan.

White hardwood is often viewed as a clean slate. This makes sense since it goes with literally every color trim and furniture you can think of. White flooring also doesn't rule out the possibility of pure minimalist design schemes, so it's definitely something to consider.

Cool Gray

Classic gray is an excellent way to add some cool color to any room and make it stand out. When paired with royal blue or emerald green furniture, it brings out the cool tones of the space and therefore complements the other aspects of the room.

Gray is also popular because it stays neutral despite its cool undertones. It doesn't clash with anything and is therefore unlike warm reddish wood. Even if you want to use ruby trim or a dark-orange rug, your space wouldn't clash- there would just be a lot of contrast.

Greige (Emphasis on the Gray)

Greige is one of the most popular hardwood flooring colors right now. This hue is simply a combination of gray and beige, which gives you the best of both worlds. The result is an attractive and versatile neutral color that can be used in virtually any space.

The gray-to-beige ratio is what determines whether greige is a warm or cool color. If you have more gray in the mix, it's going to have cool undertones and therefore pair with all of the things cool hues do. However, because it has a small amount of warm beige, it will be more balanced than other grays.

Warm Browns

If you value comfort and want a rustic, cozy space, warm brown hardwood staining might be the right option for you. These hues have undertones of red, yellow, and beige. They pair best with colors that are reminiscent of flame such as red, yellow, or orange.

Tan and Beige

Beige (otherwise known as tan) is a light brown color that people love to use. It's really neutral while adding a pop of warmth to the room.

Generally, a lot of beige colors are closer to yellow than chocolate, but they can fall anywhere on the scale. They're just one of the lighter shades of brown that you can select for your hardwood floors.

Greige (Emphasis on the Beige)

Greige rears its head again on the list of best warm stains, but this time beige takes center stage. Greige colors that have a higher saturation of beige than gray are bright and warm.

This is an extremely comforting color, but it also has a little bit of gray in it to add balance. Pair it with all of the same furniture and paint colors that you would use for other warm colors. Still, don't be afraid to add a pop of white somewhere in the room to bring out a little bit of the gray.

Red Hardwood Staining

If you're looking to get the unique aesthetic of mahogany or red oak, you can stain your floors a ruddy brown. This color is perfect for those who want a natural look and prefer rustic decor. Red stain makes for a great focal point of any room because it makes a statement.

Dark Stains

Dark hardwood stain colors are easily the most expressive and dramatic. While these hues are neither all dark nor all gray, they all have an elegant flair that lighter stains simply cannot match up to.

If you're trying to make your space look sophisticated rather than bright or cheerful, dark stains are likely the right choice. Because of their minimalist aesthetic, they also pair well with bright pops of color. Examples would include bright red plush furniture or blue-painted tables.


Espresso is perfect for those who want dark hues without committing to going all-black. These chocolatey tones have a small note of color while still showcasing the same sheen as black hardwood. Espresso is also the ideal type of dark hardwood for those who want to be able to easily distinguish the grain from the body.


If you aren't committed to having any warmth to your floor but instead want to be dramatic, sleek black hardwood is a great choice. You can stain these planks in such a way that both the wooden base and the grain are pure and inky. This is perfect for monochromatic color schemes and for providing contrast in brightly lit rooms.

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