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5 Floor and Decor Bathroom Ideas for Creating a Spa-like Oasis

Stop letting your old, outdated, and worn-out bathroom bring your energy and mood down. You start and end your day in the bathroom as you get ready in the morning and wind down at night. What you need is a bathroom makeover.

Over a third of homeowners undertake a bathroom remodel because their bathroom has deteriorated. If you are remodeling your bathroom, why not turn it into a spa oasis? Elevate your bathroom into a space that calms the mind and energizes you to conquer the day.

These floor and decor bathroom ideas will turn your bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

1. Touches of Nature

Being in nature brings a sense of peace and calm. Create this effect in your bathroom by adding natural materials and plants.

Choose natural materials like wood and stone for the surfaces in your bathroom. If you don't want to use wood for your bathroom flooring in your bathroom, consider luxury vinyl instead. This high-quality flooring comes with waterproof features that protect it from damage.

The multiple color options make finding the perfect flooring to complement your chosen spa design possible. Choose from Crossroads, Garnersville, Sherman, Bravo, and Springtown. These woods have a beautiful color variation that creates depth and visual interest.


Decorate your bathroom with one or more plants. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you could place a large potted plant on the floor. You could also put a few small plants on a shelf or hang them from a hook on the wall.

The best plants for a bathroom are Boston ferns, philodendrons, peace lilies, and tillandsia. All of these plants thrive in humid climates and have low-light requirements. This makes them low-maintenance while growing well in a bathroom.

2. Calming Colors

Color can have a significant impact on your mood and mental state. Choose the right colors to create a spa-like experience in your bathroom to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Start with the tone of the color. Soft pastels or muted colors are best. Vibrant colors will be too saturated and intense for a spa-inspired bathroom.

Then choose your color. Shades of blue, grey, and beige are all popular. Avoid an all-pure-white bathroom.

All bright white will be intense with its light reflection. It will also feel a bit sterile. Neither of these qualities is going to feel calming.

Flooring Color

When choosing a color, consider the other materials in your bathroom. If your bathroom tile has color undertones, choosing a complimentary color will enhance your bathroom's design.

Tile is a perfect option for your bathroom because of its durability in wet environments. You can choose a traditional tile that mimics the look of stone. This gives you the look of expensive natural stone without having the expense or high-maintenance care needs.

Trending bathroom floor ideas also embrace tiles that look like wood. Multiple color options include white, natural, honey, brown, and grey-brown.

3. Layered Lighting

The lighting can transform the look and feel of your bathroom. The best bathroom ideas will use three types of light. Do this in your bathroom to create a spa atmosphere while also keeping your bathroom functional for everyday life.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is bright and focused light. Install this around the vanity where you would stand while getting ready. Put this lighting on a separate switch so you can control them independently.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the general all-over lighting. Add a dimmer switch to bring the lighting down for a spa feel. Choose a slightly yellow-hued light to create a warming effect with the lighting.

If possible, create zones with ambient lighting. That way, you can dim the areas of the bathroom you are not using. This creates a more intimate experience.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is decorative and highlights the unique features of your bathroom. You could install accent lighting behind the vanity mirror. Add LED strip lighting to the crown molding or along the recess of your ceiling.

Add under-mounted lighting to your floating vanity or shelves. Accent your shower by adding strip lighting along the ceiling or floor of your shower.

4. Go Clutter-Free

If you want to have a clear mind, you need to have a clear space. Decluttering your bathroom is a must if you want to have a spa-like retreat. Get rid of anything that doesn't have to be in the bathroom.

Then, look for ways to create hidden storage for the items that need to stay. You want to maintain a spa-like space while also keeping your bathroom functional.

Add a floor cabinet or mount a cabinet on the wall. Place baskets underneath your floating vanity. Add doors to your open alcove shelving.

5. Elevated Shower Fittings

Elevating your shower fitting turns your bathroom into a spa experience. Add more than one showerhead option.

Start with a rain shower placed directly overhead. Let the gentle falling water cascade on and around you. This calming experience will help you release anxiety and stress while getting clean.

Next, add a shower head or multiple shower heads to the wall. Choose one that can create pressure to create a massaging experience. This will help you release tension in your muscles.

Add a Bench

Once you elevate your shower fittings, you will want to spend more time in there. Add a bench and give yourself a place to relax. Teak is an excellent option for your bench.

It's gentle on the skin, performs well in wet environments, and adds a touch of nature to your shower.

Floor and Decor Bathroom Ideas

These floor and decor bathroom ideas will help you transform your bathroom into the ultimate spa oasis. Start by using natural materials and using soothing colors.

Add layered lighting that lets you adjust its intensity. Eliminate clutter while decorating with spa-inspired accents.

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