Flooring Care & Maintenance Tips

Consistent maintenance is the key to protecting your investment and assuring that your new Carpet and Flooring exceeds your performance expectations and retains its look and feel for years to come.

At National Floors Direct, we only carry premium Carpet & Flooring products from the top brands in the industry. We want to make sure our customers get the best possible performance out of their installations, so we’ve compiled a short list of best practices from the top manufacturers in the industry to make it.

Sweep or Dry Mop Hardwood & Laminate Flooring Daily

Dust can cause scratches over time if its left on your new floors and walked on. We recommend sweeping or using a dust mop on a regular basis to keep your new floor dust free. Avoid wetting the mop as water has the potential to damage your new hardwood or laminate flooring and dull the finish. A clean, dry, microfiber mop is recommended. For Luxury Vinyl Flooring, you can remove dust with a soft-bristle broom. If heavier cleaning is required, use a damp-mop with water or a non-abrasive manufacturer-approved floor cleaner.
Sweep or Dry Mop Hardwood & Laminate Flooring Daily
Clean Spills & Stains Right Away

Clean Spills & Stains Right Away

Nursing a spill or stain on your carpet immediately after it occurs will reduce its visibility and oftentimes remove any trace almost instantly. Make sure to blot the affected area of your carpet. Scrubbing will not only ruin the texture, but will push the stain deeper in the carpet making removal more difficult. If the stain does not show improvement, a deep cleaning of the carpet should do the trick.

For Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl, and Laminate Flooring, cleaning a spill right after it occurs will prevent it from seeping through the protective wear surface and causing possible damage to your floor. To assure the spill does not stain, use a slightly dampened cloth to wipe it and immediately dry the spot after. And immediately dry the spot after. While Luxury Vinyl products are water resistant (and in some cases waterproof), National Floors Direct recommends cleaning spills right away to avoid slippery surfaces and possible staining.

Protection from Furniture

It’s common for furniture to cause indentations in your carpet, but a good quality carpet will almost always go back to its original shape with time and care. To avoid deep imprints, place gliders under heavy furniture to alleviate the pressure. Move and rotate furniture frequently to let the carpet breathe.

Handle Furniture with Care to Prevent Scratches

To reduce surface scratches and scuffing, place stick-on felt pads under the legs of all of your furniture to protect Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl, and Laminate Flooring. When rearranging or moving furniture in the house, do not drag the furniture on the floor, always lift and carry anything that you need to move.
Protection from Furniture

Vacuum Carpet Regularly

Dust can get trapped in every crevasse of a busy home or business, especially the carpet. In order to keep the carpet looking fresh, we recommend vacuuming at least once a week for every person occupying the space, using a high quality vacuum with good suction and a rotating beater bar. The longer you go in between vacuuming, the deeper the dust particles settle inside the carpet and the more difficult it will be to remove. Dust imbedded in your carpet will cause it to prematurely crush and wear improperly, which can cause the carpet to look tattered and stained over time. Regardless of the level of quality you select for your project, the more you vacuum, the better the carpet will perform!

Commercial carpet

Commercial Carpet is designed to handle the increased traffic and weight of any environment, making it an extremely durable and versatile option for your industrial project. Commercial Carpet is made using stronger fiber, lower pile height, and higher density construction than residential carpet. It is an economical and highly functional Commercial floor-covering solution, reducing noise while adding comfort to a busy office space or retail store.

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