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The Importance of Professional Flooring Installation

After taking the time to carefully research your flooring options, checking samples against your decor, and spending the money to finally acquire your dream flooring, a professional flooring installation is the next feasible step. Not only does it assure the successful installation of your flooring, but it safeguards again novice mistakes, accidental mishaps that require the purchase of more materials, and the possibility of voiding your warranty. After counting the cost of all that could go wrong, it’s a true statement to say that professional installation actually costs less.

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At National Floors Direct, we believe homeowners should never have to wait a month or more to have to their flooring installed. We offer next-day installation on all of our in-stock inventory. Better still, just like our products, we can assure the lowest possible price** on that installation, and there’s no extra charge for the service. We’re sure that you’ll love our guarantees, high-quality products, and professional service. We offer free in-home shopping. Contract us today to set up your own free in-home estimate and consultation.
Flooring Installation in Willow Grove,  area from National Floors Direct

Why wait for your flooring installation?

When it comes to your flooring installation, there are so many reasons to choose professional services. For instance, unless you have previously worked as a flooring installer, you’re unlikely to have the expertise or the special tools that are necessary to install many of today’s popular floor coverings. It’s true that some materials are easier for DIY installation than others, but there’s no guarantee against mistakes, mishappens, wrong measurements and many other things that can lead to your spending far more than your budget allowed for in the beginning.

Carpet is one material that’s very hard for inexperienced installers to successfully install. In addition to the many extra tools, you’ll need experience in the installation of underpadding, carpet stretching, seam joining, and if you have stairs, how to properly carpet them. Additionally, if your room is not perfectly sized, you’ll have to be completely sure your measurements are perfect so the carpet reaches all boundaries of the room with nothing lacking, and nothing left over.

Hardwood is another material with which great care must be taken in flooring installation. Acclimation is the necessary first step, which can take between 24 and 72 hours. Perfect measurements and experience in all aspect of materials are necessary to make sure these floors are correctly installed.

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