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Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

When you’re ready for hardwood flooring in your own home, it’s definitely an exciting time. Odds are you already know something about the material, but if you don’t, we’d like to add to your knowledge base. All wood floors offer an amazing sophistication that no other material can rival, adding unsurpassed elegance to any space. At the same time, it’s durable, hard-wearing, and features one of the longest lifespans in flooring. It easily adds great value to your home, with little to no chance of depreciating over time.

We Bring the Store to Your Door℠

At National Floors Direct, we offer free in-home shopping. We’ll gladly bring your choice of flooring samples to your residence where you can experience these materials under your own lighting and in close proximity to your own decor. We also offer direct to consumer pricing which means if you find a product cheaper than ours, we’ll take another 15% off our own price so that you get the lowest price, guaranteed**. What’s more, your estimate and on-site consultation are free, so go ahead and schedule those today.

Hardwood flooring has so much to offer

There are a lot of things that come to mind when hardwood flooring is mentioned. We can automatically see that timeless elegance in our mind’s eye, most likely in our own favorite stain color and finish type. We also think about what a long lifespan it has and how incredibly durable they are. With benefits like these, you have to wonder why you would choose anything else.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Manchester, NH from National Floors Direct

Why you would choose anything else

Hardwood is a great choice for a wide variety of spaces in your home. Living rooms and bedrooms are an excellent placement, as are hallways and studies. Of course, solid wood should never be placed in rooms that are below grade, or anywhere water and dampness are constant possibilities. For rooms such as those, there are some great alternative floor coverings that will do the trick and still look just as great. Engineered flooring and luxury vinyl are great examples.

If you’ve chosen the perfect hardwood flooring for your home, the next feasible option is a professional installation. The experience and expertise you’ll get from a professional far outweighs the risks you’ll be taking if you choose a novice installer. It can also save you a great deal of money, as well.

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