Inspiring master bedroom design layout

15 Inspirations For Your Remodels Master Bedroom Design Layout

The master bedroom is the place in our homes where we go to do hours of sleeping, reading, and relaxing. When it comes time to redo your master bedroom design layout, make it a sanctuary with the right flooring type and shade as your foundation.

In this post, you'll discover 15 inspirational ideas to make your master bedroom or main bedroom an indoor oasis with ideas for the right flooring to match.

1. Extra Seating

A great way to give your bedroom an additional relaxing space is with additional seating. Place a loveseat at the foot of your bed.

Or a table between two comfy club chairs on a soft, plush carpet. You'll have a private area all your own for reading, relaxing, and socializing.

2. Beachy Feel Bedroom

Make your bedroom elegant and casual with a beach-inspired theme. You'll need plenty of light blues. To liven up your master bedroom, punctuate your space with dots of coral or orange against a light-colored laminate floor.

Some laminates are waterproof and water-resistant. So they even work well if you spill a beverage, or knock over the dog's water bowl. For a cottage beach feel, try some tables in the same color that don't match.

3. Asian-Inspired Oasis

Design an elegant space with an Asian flair for your master bedroom. Asian-themed wallpaper works as a lovely backdrop against a dark-colored floor or a distressed flooring pattern. For a room that pops, layer in some red!

Use a bamboo theme with a bed frame and storage furniture to match. Or try an Asian floral look with birds of paradise set against a red and black color theme for added drama.

4. Elevate Your Bed

Take your master bedroom design layout up a notch with an elevated hardwood floor platform for your bed. It will be the feature of the room.

Decorate your bed with silky linens. Then toss a bed full of luxurious pillows and up the glam factor.

5. Luxurious Log Cabin

If you have a log cabin in the woods for a summer getaway, make it elegant. Dress the bed with American linens. Choose a floor shade that coordinates with the logs and wood in the room for the ultimate look.

Make sure your bed faces the fireplace for the ultimate ambiance. For a rustic look, lay down a beautiful distressed wooden floor. Throw up some wooden beams on the ceiling and cherry wood shelving with rustic accents.

6. Neutral Glamour

Glamour doesn't always need to look glitzy with gold. Make your master bedroom glamorous with neutral tones. Try a tufted headboard in a classic brown or beige.

Hang glorious draperies. Put down luxurious wall-to-wall carpeting. For the finishing touch, add a contemporary chandelier and looped carpeting and you're all set.

7. Vintage Theme Master Bedroom

There's something dreamy about decorating your bedroom in a vintage style. It makes the room warm, comfortable and relaxing.

Dress up the room with vintage table lamps, a vase, or two. Or a pitcher with fresh flowers. Then layer your bedding with fabrics from days gone by.

8. Mediterranean Elegance

Arrive home to a scene from the Old World in this beautiful master bedroom. Pick up some Mediterranean-inspired dressers and a couple of statues.

Get a four-poster bed, add touches of gold around the room, but not too shiny. Lie down Italian rugs, an upholstered chest at the foot of the bed. Don't forget a pair of curvy armchairs that face your bed.

9. Dramatic Romance in White

Nothing says romance in a master bedroom than a luxurious canopy bed. Drape sheer fabrics on your canopy and you'll create a gorgeous ambiance.

Hang satin draperies on your windows for the ultimate romantic treatment. Decorate the room with tufted white furniture from seating to ottomans to the headboard. A simple tone hardwood floor will keep this style looking fresh and clean.

10. Nature's Way

Bring nature indoors with a naturally beautiful master bedroom design layout. Put shiplap on the walls and hardwood on the floor. Hang botanical artwork and place some twigs in vases around the room. For a final touch, hang a floral or leaves wallpaper theme for the ultimate nature feel.

11. Pretty in Pink

For a feminine look, make your master bedroom pink. The key is to use a variety of textures.

Hang soft pink curtains on your windows. On the bed, combine silk and furry pillows for a feminine look. Don't forget to add a plush white carpet to complete the look.

12. Mid-Century Modern Master Bedroom

Love mid-century modern? Decorate your master bedroom in a blue and white mid-century modern style. Hang a metal sculpture above the bed and throw in some sixties accents. Wood-look flooring, if not real wood will contrast nicely with the blue accents.

For your reading pleasure, pick up at Eames-style lounger and set your book on a midcentury modern table with angled legs.

13. Keep It Soft

Pastels give a soft look and they're so relaxing. Make your bedroom feel tranquil with pastel colors and cozy carpet flooring.

Use white window treatments and nightstands. Then decorate the room with pastel-colored bedding an pillows in different textures.

14. Luxurious Velvet

There's nothing more opulent than velvet. Especially when it's green. Add plush velvet headboard. Face some velvet chairs toward the bed to match. Layer your bed with velvet and silk to add contrast. Add an opulent floor with an area rug to match. Total luxury!

15. Give Me Gray

The trend of gray is far from over. And it's so calming. Paint the walls a soft gray. It looks great set against a light gray laminate floor. Place a gray footstool or ottoman at the foot of the bed. And balance the room with white.

Your Master Bedroom Design Layout Revisited

Now that you have 15 ideas to choose from for your master bedroom design layout, start your project by locking in the right flooring!

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