Commercial carpet tips from National Floors Direct

5 Tips for Choosing Commercial Carpet

Nothing better personifies the fact that not all carpets are created equal than the stark contrast between residential and commercial carpets.

After all, commercial carpet isn't your typical plush, cozy carpet. Everything about commercial carpet is business!

This type of commercial flooring helps with cleaning up spills. It's also meant to withstand increased traffic because it is harder and more durable.

What steps should you take to select the ideal carpet for your office building? Here, we're sharing our top tips for choosing new commercial carpeting for your business!

1. Consider Foot-Traffic

It makes sense that the carpet you choose will need to be up to the task ahead if your office is in an area with a lot of traffic.

Commercial carpets that experience heavier foot traffic are more vulnerable to spills. It's also likely to receive other damage as well as general wear and tear from walking.

Remember that there are other moveable objects in offices besides people. When it comes time to rearrange office furniture, you should choose a carpet that can withstand all of that heavy moving.

It's crucial to take into account additional factors that might otherwise be ignored:

  • Does your workplace allow pets?
  • Will there be an excessive number of kids there?
  • How will the estimated population affect the need for movable furniture like chairs and desks?
  • Have you thought about whether your carpet complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and is suitable for those with disabilities?
  • Keep in mind that there may be more traffic than just a few people passing through your hallway as you consider all of your options.

Keep these considerations in mind when shopping for a commercial carpet. If you don't think about foot traffic, you may end up purchasing something that won't last the year.

2. Consider Office Environment

Do your clients and employees enter the office through a nice, covered entrance? Or do they pass through a dirt parking lot?

It's crucial to take into account the traffic your carpet will experience once it is inside, but without also taking into account the outside environment, everything is for naught.

Consider the style, durability, and color of your commercial carpet carefully before choosing it for areas that see a lot of foot traffic from unfavorable environments.

Your business needs to think about wet areas like the bathroom or kitchen, just like your home. However, there are some places where carpet cannot be avoided, like entryways right after a rainstorm.

Carpet tiles are a good option to think about here. You might think about installing high-quality carpet tiles right in the entranceway, where there will be the most traffic and potential for water entry.

Additionally, with carpet tiles, you can replace just those tiles if the entryway wears out more quickly rather than having to replace the entire floor. It will enable you to save money over time.

3. Consider Color

The color of your carpet matters and can help you save money whether you are building an office for your business, leasing space from a landlord, or renting out the entire building to tenants.

It all comes down to traffic and the environment, which ties in nicely with the previous two points we've made.

Spills are more likely to happen on your flooring in areas with higher traffic and/or more unpleasant surroundings.

Consideration of color in advance can help you save time and problems later on because cleaning and replacement costs can add up, plus the inconvenience of physically having the carpet replaced.

While it's always a good idea to have your commercial carpet regularly cleaned, you can hopefully avoid additional, unnecessary cleanings that may otherwise be required with a lighter color. This is because darker or neutral colors hide stains well.

But don't be deceived. Lower traffic offices can benefit from the aesthetic of a lighter color and present a tidy appearance for their staff and visitors. The general idea is to select a color scheme that complements the culture of your workplace.

4. Consider Cost

Even the most lux commercial carpet need not be extremely expensive. To find a carpet that suits your needs and budget, do some research.

Always ask for separate pricing for materials and installation so you can compare different suppliers' prices.

By selecting the ideal carpet for each office room, you can make the most of any budget. In your busy entryway, for instance, investing in stain-resistant products might be worthwhile, whereas your conference rooms might be just fine with less expensive, low-traffic carpeting.

5. Understand Installation

If you are a landlord or a business owner, the quicker your building is constructed, the faster you can rent it to tenants and start working.

The longer it takes to install your commercial carpet, the more it will ultimately cost you.

If your business is already up and running, the time it takes to replace the carpet could cause disruptions. This means it could delay tenants from occupying their offices, which would slow revenue.

This can hurt your bottom line as a business owner because it might discourage or prevent customers from coming to your location.

Before you begin and end up losing money, speak with your commercial carpet provider and together come up with a plan to ensure that your installation or replacement is quick and seamless.

Choose the Right Commercial Carpet For Your Business

Perhaps you weren't aware that so much thought needs to go into choosing the right commercial carpet for your business! However, now that you're aware of these tips, shopping for flooring options for your commercial building will be a breeze.

If you're looking to install or replace your flooring and are looking for commercial carpet, consider using National Floors Direct for your next big flooring installation!