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6 Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Did you know that on average people see a 70% return on investment on their floors when they sell their homes?

If you're considering renovating your floors, you've come to the right place. Choosing a type of flooring can be overwhelming as there are many different options.

We are going to talk about a flooring type that has been increasing in popularity. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about luxury vinyl flooring and why it may be the best option for you. 

1. Low Maintenance 

Having flooring that is easy to clean is a game changer. Your busy schedule might not allow you to spend hours scrubbing the floor and if your luxury vinyl flooring is in a high-traffic area it will likely need to be cleaned frequently.

There are a few different ways you can clean them. Using a vacuum, swifter, or broom can do the trick most of the time. If someone spills something sticky or you want to give your floors a deeper cleaning, a mop, and a cleaning solution will be best. 

All you need to make the solution is vinegar and hot water; you don't need to buy certain products to keep your floors nice. You don't have to worry about waxing the floors to get them to shin and they don't require sanding like other flooring options. 

While the flooring is low maintenance, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last. When you're moving furniture use blankets or sliders to protect them. 

2. Durable

Many people have vinyl floors installed in their kitchens, mudrooms, hallways, and even bathrooms. You need your floors to be durable because in busy areas of your home like the kitchen spills happen and items fall. Vinyl flooring is scratch resistant and doesn't stain easily.

If you have pets or children, this flooring is a great option. It's meant to withstand a lot of foot traffic. It also has a protective layer that keeps it looking new even after you have it in your home for years. 

If you own a commercial building, you'll have a lot of people coming in and out, and having a durable floor is necessary. People will notice the floor and you don't want it to look scratched or damaged. You'll also need it to last a long time, and if you're renting out the space to other businesses, you can't guarantee they are going to care for it as well as you would. 

3. Waterproof

If your kitchen or laundry room is the first room you walk into when you come home installing vinyl flooring is going to be your best option. It's waterproof, making it ideal for areas that may have excess water. If your pet has an accident, you won't have to worry about your floors being damaged.

If your child makes a mess or if someone spills red wine at a dinner party, you have peace of mind knowing you can wipe it up and your floors won't be ruined. If your floors come in contact with a lot of water, such as a leak, the vinyl planks, unlike wood, can be dried and you typically don't have to replace them. Living in a humid area, you may be worried about moisture ruining your floors, but since vinyl is 100% waterproof, you don't have to worry about it. 

4. Affordable 

Another great characteristic of luxury vinyl flooring is it that it won't break your budget. The thick flooring will last longer, meaning you won't have to replace or repair it as often as others. You can expect to pay between $1 to $6 per square foot for vinyl planks, while hardwood floors could cost up to $12 per square foot. 

Vinyl flooring is easier to install than tile and hardwood, making the price of labor decrease. The amount of time it takes to install vinyl is then alternative flooring as well. If the floor does get damaged it'll be much easier and less expensive to fix. 

5. Flooring Options

You may be worried about not finding a color or a look that you like, however; there are many vinyl flooring options to choose from. There are constantly new ones coming into circulation as well.

You can pick flooring that mimics wood or ceramic tiles; it all depends on what look you're going for. With this type of flooring, you don't have to compromise looks for functionality and vice versa. You won't have any trouble picking out a pattern, color, or texture to match the design of your home or office building. 

6. Comfort

Tiles and wood can get cold and when you're walking around your home in the winter that can be uncomfortable. Vinyl flooring doesn't have the same materials and therefore doesn't get cold. 

Standing for a long time, for example, when you're doing the dishes or ironing, can start to hurt your feet and back. Vinyl flooring is a softer material and has some give to it, making it much more comfortable to stand on. 

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

If you're renovating or building a home, luxury vinyl flooring is a great option, it has many benefits and you won't have to worry about upkeep and pricing. It's a sensible option but also gives you the luxury look you're going for.

If you have questions or want a quote, contact us. We've helped hundreds of people with their flooring needs and we can help you too.