Carpet flooring installation after a free estimate

7 Benefits of Getting a Free In-Home Estimate for Carpet Installation

If you have a carpet project in mind, you should make sure it will work first. Here are benefits of a free in-home estimate for pro carpet installations.

Carpets make up an $11 billion industry, and it remains a popular flooring of choice for homeowners.

When you reach out to a carpet installer, you'll have your pick of the best options for new carpets. So what do you need to know?

Keep reading to learn more about getting professionally installed carpets and how a free in-home estimate can be a useful first step.

1. Understand Your Budget Ahead of Time

Getting a free in-home estimate lets you immediately know where you stand in terms of your budget. You'll be able to plan out how much carpet you need based on the square footage of your home.

There are also many different types of carpet you can search for when you start speaking to carpet professionals.

Some of the main kinds of carpet you can purchase include Saxony, textured plush, velvet plush, and frieze carpet. Exploring these options lets you figure out what kind will be best for your needs, room by room.

2. Experience Professional Installation

Hiring professional carpet installers will give you a better-finished product than you can do on your own. They're skilled at installations, understand how to match you with the best carpet, and have the equipment and tools to do it best.

This is better for your home and will prevent costly mistakes.

3. Explore Several Color Options

Make sure to look into different color schemes when you're shopping for fresh carpet.

Carpet professionals can help match you up with color palettes that are right for any room in your home. Professional carpet contractors can show you color swatches and digital representations of what your new flooring will look like.

4. Remove Old Carpet & Avoid Health Concerns

It's common knowledge that carpet can trap in dander, dust mites, and even mold. This can irritate someone with respiratory issues or trigger allergies and asthma in people that already suffer from these conditions.

It's a matter of indoor air quality, which is important since you spend so much of your time indoors. You'll definitely want to consider your carpet options if you have pets or young children toddling around.

There are several hypoallergenic carpet options available to you that'll suit your needs. The hypoallergenic variety of carpets are made with materials that resist moisture. This means that they won't be as likely to develop mold or mildew, which can be harmful to your health. Some materials that hypoallergenic carpets are made with include nylon, olefin, and polypropylene.

Your carpet professional will give you advice on whichever is ideal for your home air quality and take care of removing the old carpet for you!

5. Learn About Financing

When speaking to home carpeting professionals, your installer will also help you to decide on your payment options. National Floors Direct can even set you up with financing that includes no interest for a full year.

6. Ask Questions and Learn

Bringing a carpet professional out to your property for an estimate is also the perfect time to ask any questions that you have.

This means having them walk you through every bit of work that will happen during the installation. They can also assist you so that you're clear on their credentials and what makes them the best carpet installers for the job.

7. Enjoy Long-Lasting Carpets

When you take the time to get an in-home estimate for carpet installation, you're making an investment into your home as a whole.

Carpet is more durable when installed professionally, and won't be subject to as many maintenance calls. The last thing you'd want is to have to uproot your carpet and start fresh because of a DIY carpet installation fail.

Time To Request an Estimate!

We hope these 7 tips have helped you understand the benefits of getting a free-in home estimate prior to kicking off a flooring project! Having the help of professional carpet installers will make the process for replacing your carpet seamless and easy.

National Floors Direct offers carpet certified for indoor air quality by the Carpet & Rug Institute of America and flooring directly from industry-leading manufacturers. National Floors Direct exclusively carries name-brand verified Healthy Home Certified products to reassure you that your household is safe and healthy.

We'd be glad to match you with whatever flooring options you're looking for. Reach out to us today to get a free estimate on any carpet and flooring needs you have.