Commercial carpet in the classroom

7 Benefits of Installing a Commercial Carpet in a Classroom

With more than 130,000 K-12 public schools across the country, the number of classrooms is incredible! Our environment plays a role in our ability to feel comfortable, stay focused, and overall happiness. A classroom is no different!

Commercial carpet is a great way to improve both the functionality and feeling of each classroom it's added to.

There are several reasons why carpet for a classroom is so popular but many find it difficult to choose between it or tile. We've compiled a list of the top seven reasons you should choose commercial carpet for a school.

1. Aesthetically Pleasing

In most school's there isn't a lot of interior design involved. Instead, the goal is to make the whole space feel cohesive and blend into the background. This way the extra academic posters and student's schoolwork can stand out and be noticed.

With that said, elements of the space should still be attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

Commercial carpeting comes in all different colors and designs, including calming colors and even some subtle patterns. You can choose from a wide array of options to find the option that will fit the best with your space. The carpet will create the background for the entire space, it helps to make or break the look you're going for in the school.

2. Liquid Resistance

Any time you're dealing with young children (or multiple children in general), there's the possibility and high likelihood of spills. That can come from eating, crafting, and even bathroom accidents.

A spill can cause real damage to flooring materials if not handled properly. It can also create unsightly stains or watermarks.

Luckily, commercial carpet is perfect for a classroom with these potential problems. The materials it's made of are liquid-resistant, meaning they repel the liquid and will sit on top of the carpet. There won't be long-lasting damage to the function or look, it will all be cleaned up easily.

3. Heavily Durable

These school carpeting options are not only liquid-resistant, but they're also resistant to wear and tear as well. This is incredibly important since all classrooms see so much movement and traffic every day.

Most fibers will get matted and pushed down as they're walked on continually. You can easily see the travel patterns because of this breakdown. Eventually, the carpets will begin to look threadbare and lose their high-quality look. Luckily, commercial carpets are specifically designed to combat those problems.

Commercial carpet fibers are made to withstand heavy traffic for much longer periods of time. Even after hours of being walked and played on, they'll still look brand new holding onto their shape and coloring exceptionally well.

4. Noise Dampening

With so many students moving about, learning, and playing in a school, it's easy to see how the noise level can become overwhelming. While there isn't much that can be done to keep the noise from happening (that would be a worthless attempt!), there are steps that can be taken to keep it from escalating.

Bare flooring with hard surfaces doesn't do anything with the sound but lets it bounce off of them to other surfaces. This often results in a louder feeling room and even echoes.

That's why adding carpets can reduce the noise in a classroom. Instead of bouncing the noise off other surfaces, it gets absorbed in the fibers and keeps them from echoing. There is a tangible difference in the noise level between types of flooring.

5. Better Temperature Control

Not only can carpets make a difference in the amount of noise in a classroom, but they can also keep the room at a more consistent temperature as well.

Hard flooring, like wood or tile, does the same things with heat as it does with noise. It bounces it off and keeps moving, this makes it hard to control how hot or cold stays. But carpeting can help to insulate a room and keep the temperature the same throughout the whole space.

The temperature can help students feel more secure and cozy so that they can focus and pay attention to their studies.

6. Padding for Safety

Just like the high amount of students moving through a space makes it more likely that spills will happen, it also means there is a high likelihood of falls as well. This is especially true for elementary school classrooms.

Another added bonus of carpeting for commercial carpet installation in a classroom is the added padding and safety that it adds.

Between the fibers of the carpets and the actual, soft underlayment, this type of flooring makes for a much softer fall. There will be a significant reduction in injuries from children when they do fall. You can't prevent that from happening but you can make it much safer overall through carpeting.

7. Cozy Feeling

For many students. going to school isn't their most exciting activity. They stay in the same room for hours and the subjects can be difficult. This is why it's so important to make the feeling of the school as comfortable and inviting as possible.

Carpeting is your best bet for making the students feel at home and peaceful.

Feeling safe and cozy is especially crucial for the younger students. It can help them get into the routine of going to school and not feeling out of place. The better you can make them feel, the more they'll be able o focus and excel at school which is the goal of all teachers.

Commercial Carpet for Classrooms

Schools are serious establishments that are crucial to the functioning of our society. In order to help students be as successful as possible, they need to feel safe and comfortable.

Adding commercial carpet to the space can accomplish both of those goals easily. It will also last for years to come because of its durable and strong fibers. Even with all of the daily traffic, classrooms will look nice and clean! And there are options to match any design and color scheme!

If you're interested in learning more about commercial carpeting and seeing some options for your school, contact us today!