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7 Huge Myths About Carpet

Did you know that hard flooring requires 2.5 times more cleaning than the average carpet over the course of a year? There are a lot of commonly held beliefs about carpeting that the truth of might surprise you.

Despite what some may say about carpet, it has a lot of impressive benefits. Installing carpet can save you money and make you healthier. Keep reading to learn more about the myths and the benefits that carpet can have for you and your household.

Myth 1: Carpet is Expensive and Time-Consuming to Install

Contrary to popular belief, installing carpet is cheaper and easier than installing hard flooring. Carpet is like any investment in the sense that it will cost you more upfront, but with proper maintenance, the quality will last longer than cheaper alternatives.

The savings that you will have due to not having to replace your flooring sooner will more than justify the carpet installation cost. Carpet installation prices are reasonable for the value that you get.

Additionally, it is believed that installing a carpet is a much more time-consuming ordeal than installing a hard floor. Installing carpet takes anywhere from a few hours to a full day, but will not inconvenience or interfere with your daily life.

Myth 2: Carpet Causes Increased Allergies and Asthma

Many people are of the belief that carpet causes more bacteria and dirt to be in the air and to get into your lungs. That is an understandable outlook, but it has been proven to not be true.

A study that looked at hard flooring and allergic reaction rates and had some interesting findings. The study found that with a 70% decrease in carpet flooring, there was a 30% increase in allergic reactions.

Additionally, it was found that carpets can help by trapping allergens and preventing them from spreading through the air. Carpets are able to hold dust and dirt until you are ready to vacuum them, unlike hard floors.

Myth 3: Carpet Is Hard to Keep Clean

The belief that hard floors are easier to keep clean is widespread, but is it actually true? Not necessarily.

Carpet is like any other surface used for flooring in the sense that it requires maintenance and cleaning. Depending on how you maintain it and take care of it, it will stay nice and last you for years.

Proper maintenance can be as little as cleaning dirty spots when they arise and vacuuming the carpet once or twice every week. This amount of maintenance will prevent stains and keep your carpets looking clean and new.

While carpet may require the occasional professional cleaning service, hardwood floors come with the added expense of needing to be waxed in order to preserve the beauty and sleek look.

Myth 4: Carpet Is Bad for the Environment

Preserving and protecting the environment is at the forefront of what everyone is trying to accomplish with their purchases and decisions. Carpet doesn't have to be any different.

Some people may argue that carpet is bad for the environment, but there are options available to you that are made of "green" materials. That way, when you are ready to replace your carpet you don't have to worry about hurting the environment.

Installing carpet can also have a positive impact on the environment and your finances in other ways. Carpet has insulation benefits, keeping your home warmer when it's cold out and saving money on heating bills and energy.

Myth 5: Carpet Isn't Stylish

Most people can probably agree that hardwood flooring has an elegance and beauty to it. With the variety of styles and patterns of carpet that are available on the market today, you could make the same argument for it.Whether you prefer a bold carpet color, an exotic pattern, or thicker carpeting, there is a perfect carpet for you and your home. Using carpet colors and patterns well is a great way to make your home look beautiful and complete.

Myth 6: Carpet Produces Harmful Chemicals

If you do any amount of research on carpet through the internet you are sure to run into myths about formaldehyde and VOCs. VOCs are volatile organic compounds, gaseous chemicals emitted from certain materials.

Formaldehyde stopped being used in carpets in the 1970s, so any new carpet installation that you have done won't have a trace of formaldehyde in it.

Fears of carpets being big-time emitters of VOCs are overblown as well. Studies have shown that carpet is well down the list of VOC emitters in homes, even ranking lower than wall paint.

It is safe to say that carpets a very safe option for the flooring in your home.

Myth 7: Carpets Grow Mold

To understand why this isn't true you need to know the things that mold requires to grow and thrive. Mold needs food, certain temperatures, and moisture.

It is possible for mold to grow on carpet, but it is also possible for mold to grow on walls, wood furniture, or clothing. The common factor is moisture.

If your home floods then it is possible that mold will grow on your carpet, but that won't be because of the carpet. It will be due to the moisture in the carpet and other things in your home.

Choosing and Installing Carpet

Now that all of these myths about carpet have been debunked, you have the information and security that you need to pick out the right carpet for your home.

There is no better time than now to get started choosing and installing carpet that you'll love.