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7 Popular Hardwood Floor Styles in 2022

In 2020 alone, people in the United States spent almost $420 billion on home repairs and improvements in 2020. Everyone feels the appeal to renovate and make upgrades because of the want to make their home look more improved and modern.

While there are many different flooring types to choose from there are a few materials that stick out due to their long-lasting durability and popularity.

If you are considering getting new flooring, keep reading for the top seven hardwood floor styles of 2022.

Why Go Hardwood?

Hardwood flooring has a timeless look that allows it to be the perfect fit for both residential and commercial buildings. They are the best flooring type because of their ability to last for a long time, they are easy to clean, and the quality of the floor is much better than carpet. 

Wood can bring the natural feeling of warmth to interior settings, allowing people to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. Design trends and flooring styles can be achieved so that you have trendy floors years down the road.

1. Varied and Rich Colors

Flooring styles are getting bolder in terms of styling and colors. Newer trends are using hardwood that has a naturally bold grain and mixing features and different colors together that wouldn't normally go together.

A way to get this type of look is by using reclaimed wood blends that pull different-sized planks and tones. Once they are finished they will produce a cohesive and interesting look.

These floor options are great in an area that will be exposed to a lot of sun. You definitely won't want to cover the area with a rug, instead, this floor should be shown off to guests.

2. Smokey Floor Tones

Gray hardwood quickly became a popular option in the interior design world over the past few years, but recently a smoky gray is a look that is sweeping the flooring market. Smoked looks offer added drama and character to make them look more appealing.

Many types of flooring and wood materials can go through the process of creating a smoky look. To do this, wood planks need to be placed in a chamber where ammonia releases into the air which reacts, causing a color change. In this process, the wood will achieve a dark tone and the natural grain of the wood will enhance.

3. Whitewashed and Bleached Hardwood

Something everyone should know about hardwood is that it naturally darkens and develops a patina as they age. Whitewashed or bleached floors take on an entirely new look that is appealing in contemporary spaces. This flooring is popular as an option because it can help brighten up a space to feel more relaxed and open.

It can make the area look less busy and more of minimalist space. There is a process for whitening wood that involves bleaching with a chemical solution in order to remove the color or stain.

4. Rustic Floors

Another type of flooring material that can give calming vibes is are those with rustic textures. They can have a lot of allure added to them because nature comes to mind when you look at it.

A lot of the time these floors work well in farmhouses, lodges, or cottages because they are often reclaimed woods that have nail holes, saw marks and patina that add character to the flooring. This flooring can differentiate between texture or glossy looks. 

5. Floors With Wide Planks

Wide plank floors can be a look that some people either like or dislike. Different widths for flooring can be less busy than other options and you may be able to see the grain and variation a little more across each individual piece. This comes with fewer pieces and sometimes is a quicker process because it requires less construction time.

6. Specific Design Options

Typical floor layouts and patterns are always a classic and timeless look, but some people prefer new and trendy looks that are appealing to the eye. Special designs create a visual interest in the pattern of the flooring which can be special for entryways, kitchens, or living room floors. You can really have fun with the design or ideas you have and turn them into a design that is special to your house. 

The Herringbone design is a popular look where the planks are laid out so that they interlock into a diagonal pattern. It is usually laid so that the points and pattern are parallel to the longest room's wall. 

7. Oil Finished Hardwood

Using wood that has higher quality polyurethane and oil finishes can be much more durable over their lifespans when it comes to daily living. Though these types of floors can be a little bit more expensive, they will last longer and give you more bang for your buck. Not to mention they are more environmentally friendly for those of us who are aware of the current climate crisis.

Choose Your Favorite Hardwood Floor Styles

Unlike outdated carpets, hardwood floors rarely go out of style. You can achieve a look that will physically last and make your house full of beauty and charm. Having nice floors can transform the ambiance of a house and make it feel more like home.

If you are looking for new trendy options to set your home apart from others, these hardwood options are the way to go! Schedule a free in-home estimate to find out your options. Our experts are happy to help you find hardwood floor styles that work for you.