7 Reasons to Choose Laminate Flooring

Depending on the current flooring you have, you'll need to replace it every 50 to 100 years; if you've got carpeting, then that number jumps down to 10 years. And if you get lots of foot traffic, expect your flooring to wear out much sooner too.

The point is, it's inevitable that you'll have to get new floors. And when you do, you should choose laminate flooring.

What is laminate? It's a synthetic flooring material that's made of paper and resins.

If we've piqued your interest, then read on to find seven reasons why you should choose laminate flooring.

1. There Are Various Choices

Because laminate flooring is synthetic, the possibilities are endless for this type of flooring.

You'll find a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns. Plus, it can mimic the look of hardwood, tile, and stone, so you can customize it pretty much however you want.

In addition, it can be installed on various subfloors, including concrete and plywood. You can even put it on existing flooring, which provides much more flexibility for renovating and remodeling.

Since laminate flooring is so versatile, it'll be much easier for you to achieve the desired aesthetic for your space.

2. It's Affordable

On average, Americans spend $15,000 on a home renovation project, although it can cost up to $200,000 to completely renovate a property. Of course, the exact costs for your house will depend on what you're doing and your personal tastes, but when you add everything up, it can be quite pricey.

If you're looking to save some money, then laminate is an excellent choice for that. It's more budget-friendly when compared to other flooring options, such as hardwood or natural stone.

What's even better is that laminate can imitate the appearance of these pricier materials. This means you can still get your desired aesthetics, but without spending a fortune in the process.

3. It's Durable

In many cases, the issue with cost-effective solutions is that they're not very durable. This means that in the long run, you'd be spending more money than expected, as you'll have to replace these things more often.

However, you won't have to worry about this with laminate flooring. This durable choice is generally scratch-resistant, which makes it great for high-traffic areas and households with children and pets. It's also more resistant to fading from sunlight when compared to some other natural hardwood floors.

In addition, laminate is more moisture-resistant than hardwood, although it's not completely waterproof. There are some options that come with water-resistant or waterproof features, so if you want new flooring for your kitchen and bathrooms, then these are ideal.

4. It's Easy to Install

Some types of floors are more difficult to install than others, which can raise several issues. Not only do you need to hire professionals for flooring installation, but it'll take more time to put in. And if you don't get reputable installers, you might end up with subpar results.

Laminate flooring is designed with a tongue-and-groove locking system though, so it's relatively simple to install. Also, many laminate products are available as floating flooring, meaning they don't need adhesives. You can lay them over existing floors, which further simplifies the installation process.

You can definitely DIY laminate flooring installation, which can save you some money.

5. It's Low-Maintenance

You'll usually have to keep up with maintenance to keep your flooring in good shape and extend its lifespan. Those with busy lives will find this annoying and challenging to keep up with. As a result, many homeowners are guilty of slack on maintenance, and their flooring looks worse for wear.

Generally, cleaning laminate flooring is straightforward. All you'll need to do is regularly sweep and vacuum, and occasionally damp mop it too.

Its protective wear layer helps prevent stains. This also makes it easier to keep your floor looking clean and new.

6. It's Hypoallergenic

You might not think twice about carpeting; after all, it's fuzzy and warm. However, it can exacerbate allergies since it traps dust, pet dander, and other allergens. Plus, over time, carpet can be very dirty and trap bacteria in its depths, which won't be great for your household's health.

Do yourself a favor and switch to laminate flooring. It doesn't have fibers and is flat against the ground, so it won't trap any of the aforementioned things. This makes it a healthier option for people who have allergies or respiratory sensitivities.

7. There Are Eco-Friendly Options

Nowadays, consumers are more aware of the environmental impact their everyday choices can have. You may be concerned about your own carbon footprint, especially since laminate is a synthetic material.

The good news is, laminate manufacturers are aware of this concern and offer eco-friendly products. You can find flooring that uses sustainable materials or recycled content, which reduces the environmental impact of the flooring.

These materials, in combination with its longevity, make laminate flooring an excellent choice for those who want to look after the planet.

Pick Laminate Flooring for Your Home

When the time comes for new flooring, you'll want to select laminate flooring.

Not only is it affordable and durable, but there's a wide variety of customizations too, making it ideal for practically any homeowner. Also, laminate flooring is easy to install and doesn't require much maintenance to extend its lifespan. This makes it perfect for busy people who want a dependable flooring type for their energetic household.

If you need flooring services, then contact us now for a free in-home estimate. We'll send out one of our professional flooring experts to lend their expertise.