9 Trendy Bedroom Carpet Colors

Does your bedroom need an upgrade? Replacing dated or stained carpet is one of the easiest ways to spruce up this important room in your home. But knowing whether to be bold or muted with your carpet selection can be hard.

Fortunately, you've come to the right place. Read on to learn about nine trendy bedroom carpet colors you should consider!

1. Textured Beige

Beige might not sound like the most exciting choice to cover your floors. But today's version of beige offers a lot more nuance. Steer clear of uniformly light beige carpets that can make stains and dirt look obvious.

Instead, choose a version of beige that is more forgiving and more exciting. The best beige carpet includes a blend of brown and gray carpet fibers at different values. It also will have cool and warm tones, ensuring it matches just about anything in your room.

2. Deep Navy

Deeper tones can create a distinctive atmosphere in bedrooms. Go deep if you're tired of playing it safe with lighter colors. Reach for strong, rich hues - like navy.

Deep navy can look cozy and stately at the same time. With equally dark walls, you'll have a serene setting that's ideal for bedtime. Or go with more contrast to create something more dynamic.

3. Pastels

If dramatic or dark colors aren't your favorite, you can reach for the other side of the spectrum. Give pastels a try. These more delicate colors incorporate much more white than colors at full saturation, meaning they're softer and more washed out.

You'll end up with a light and airy atmosphere. With white walls and delicate decor, pastels can be the right choice. Try mint, lilac, or pink options.

Pastels can be a nice alternative to neutrals, which don't have as strong of a base hue. With pastels, you'll see a creamy yellow or blue stretching across your room.

4. Neutral and Natural Fibers

Are you looking for more natural carpet fabrics? Natural fibers can bring a soft and earthy vibe to your bedroom. For instance, seagrass and jute are popular fibers that can be woven into carpets. Wool is another option.

If you've remodeled your kitchen using neutral tones, you can build cohesion by doing the same in other rooms. And natural fibers are the perfect choice.

Natural fiber carpets hold a dense texture that can look excellent in rooms where textures are the stars of the show. They tend to come in warm, neutral tones, sometimes with some patterning. Paired with natural wood furniture and soft white walls, wall-to-wall natural carpets can build a soothing sanctuary.

5. Gray

Another classic choice, gray is one of those carpet colors that goes with just about anything. Gray carpets can lean cool or warm. And they can come in lighter or darker values.

Choose a lighter gray to create the illusion of a bigger space. For rooms without as many windows, lighter gray can also have a brightening effect.

Choose a darker gray to make your bedroom look bold and luxurious. Darker grays can set off colors in the artwork on your walls or your bedspread. Darker gray carpets also can help larger rooms feel cozier.

Or you can go with an achromatic color scheme for your entire room, where gray carpet can be the anchor. Pops of black and white in the rest of your decor will combine to make a modern bedroom that keeps you calm. A plush gray carpet will feel good beneath your feet while adding a blanket of texture to your room.

6. Fun Prints

Who says you have to stick with a solid color? When it comes to carpet ideas, prints can be a fun and colorful way to liven up your bedroom. And if you're moving into a new space and remodeling, why not opt for something fun?

Try animal prints for an eclectic vibe. Or go with diamond or herringbone patterns for classic motifs that will stand the test of time. Floral or tree prints winding around the carpet floor will lighten your space for an elegant atmosphere.

Consider the decor you have in the rest of your room if you go with printed carpets. You may want to stick with solid colors for your walls and drapes. Then, that printed carpet can be the star of the show.

7. Soft Green

When you want your bedroom to be a tranquil or natural space, a soft green carpet might just be the right answer. A verdant green carpet can pack a punch, so consider a toned-down green if you prefer this hue.

A green that's too desaturated can look faded and dated from the start. That's why choosing a green with just enough saturation to hold a presence in your room is important. Introduce brighter greens in your throw pillows and decor for a harmonious decorative scheme.

8. Bold and Wide Stripes

What if you like a few different colors? You can incorporate more than one color when you choose stripes. For a softer sense of impact, go with colors that are about the same value and not complementary colors.

But if you're looking for a more dramatic flair when installing carpet, a black-and-white pairing looks clean yet dramatic. Keep the stripes wider, particularly in smaller rooms. Wide stripes that stretch the length of your room actually can help it seem larger.

9. Burgundy

For fans of deeper colors in the red family, burgundy is a good choice. Burgundy has a richness about it that can make a bedroom feel luxurious. With some brown mixed in, this potent shade of red is warm and not as bright as a traditional red.

Pair burgundy carpet with elegant decor containing gold accents or cream tones. You can introduce throw rugs, too, to introduce more patterns that can be framed by this sophisticated color.

Explore Different Bedroom Carpet Colors

The best bedroom carpet colors are ones that suit your aesthetic preferences. Stick with softer neutrals, gray, or pastels to maintain a light atmosphere in your bedroom. Or get bolder with patterns, stripes, or deep color tones.

At National Floors Direct, we offer a wide selection of carpet colors, styles, and textures. With over 75 years in the floor-covering business, we know how to make choosing and installing carpet a breeze. Contact us today!