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Avoid These Common Missteps When Buying Flooring

We all want the perfect home, and having fun with the flooring is a great way to renovate.

Before getting carried away with installing your new flooring, here are some tips to make buying flooring and renovating your home easier.

1. Focusing on Budget Alone

There's nothing wrong with wanting to save a bit of money, especially when it comes to home remodeling. When it comes to buying flooring for your home, however, evaluating only the lower end options can truly come at a price.

Before buying that incredible deal, you should make sure that the flooring is made with high-quality materials to ensure it will last, particularly for flooring going in high-traffic areas.

2. Measuring Mishaps

Everyone knows the old saying "measure twice, cut once". This is especially true when it comes to preparing your flooring installation.

Time to call in the professionals. Hire a flooring installer that offers free in-home estimates, this will include an accurate measure of your flooring space.

3. Miscalculating Installation Time

Work with your professional flooring installer to plan and understand the expected process and timeline for installing your new floors. This will be certain to vary depending on the flooring option selected.

4. Choosing the Wrong Flooring Type for the Room

From carpet to laminate from wood to tile, there are many different types of flooring that you can purchase for your home. However, it's important to first consider what the room is going to be for before making a purchase.

For example, hardwood flooring is a beautiful and fantastic option for areas with high foot traffic such as hallways and shared living spaces, whereas carpet flooring might be better for a bedroom, as it is soft, warm, and helps to lessen noise due to its thicker nature.

When considering buying flooring, always make sure that you are matching the room itself to the type of flooring you choose. This will ensure that the floor lasts a longer amount of time.

5. Mismatching Flooring with Walls

When purchasing flooring, make sure that you're keeping the room's walls in mind! A room that's made up of one solid color or pattern can be an eyesore - aim for contrast!

Consider the color, style, and material of the walls when buying flooring to eliminate worry. Contrasting colors and combining patterns with plain colors are great ways to make the most out of your remodeling!

Work with your installer to evaluate options decide what flooring is best to buy; they will help you find what matches your style and room.

6. Forgetting to Consider Your Area's Climate

Depending on where you live, humidity alone could cause huge amounts of damage to your flooring.

Wood flooring can be especially difficult to deal with in humid climates; the wood can soak up moisture in the air and warp, causing it to look different after installation. Certain types of flooring, such as carpet, can also attract mold if improperly cared for in climates with high amounts of humidity.

7. Not Caring for Your Flooring Properly

Every type of flooring needs a different level of care and maintenance; it's important to read up on the type of flooring you are installing so that you can make sure it lasts. If left untreated, your flooring can develop wear and tear quickly. Your manufacturer or flooring installer can provide all of the necessary information on how to care for your flooring properly.

8. Not Calling a Professional

When in doubt about your abilities, always call a professional to do the job! They can ensure that your flooring is installed correctly and that it will last for years to come.

Similarly to buying flooring itself, it's important not to let price alone guide you to your choice of contractor. Do your research and make sure to hire the right person for the job!

Enjoy Your Brand New Flooring!

Buying flooring doesn't have to be a challenge; with the right knowledge, you can choose the type and style of flooring that will be perfect for your home!

Are you thinking of installing new flooring in your home and want a professional to help?

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