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How to Choose the Best Carpet for House Selling

When it's time to move you want to make sure you're getting the best price for your home. Replacing your carpet for house selling is a good idea for great ROI.
It takes 7 seconds to make a first impression of your home.

Because of this, you must shine the best light on your property so buyers can imagine living their lives there. Every element matters, including the carpet for your house. Choosing the perfect carpet can be a deal-breaker. But how do you find the right one for your home?

Don't worry, we've got the answers. Here's how to do it.

Reasons to Replace Carpet

Your goal is to display your home so it appeals to a wide range of homebuyers. There are many techniques to do this. For example, arranging furniture, re-painting the walls, and de-cluttering your home are great places to start.

Another surefire way to boost home buyer appeal is to replace your carpet if it is:

  • Visibly worn down
  • Stained
  • Frayed or ripping up at the baseboards
  • Outdated
  • Stained in mold or mildew

The quality of your carpet should also reflect the home’s listing price. For example, if a buyer sees a high-priced home with carpet that needs replacing, they’ll most likely walk away.

Benefits of Carpet In Your Home

There are many options for floor coverings such as hardwood and tiles. But here's why you should switch to carpet:


Before you Google “should I replace carpet before selling a house?” know that carpet is a more cost-effective option than hardwood. With installing alternative floor coverings, you may run into extra costs. For example, you must pay for moldings and trim alongside installing costs. But with carpet, it’s possible to find the best carpet for resale value so you can spend your money on other aspects of the selling process.

Floor Imperfections

Carpet can conceal many issues. For example, if your floor isn’t level or if your walls aren't completely straight, installing carpet minimizes these imperfections compared to tile or hardwood. Although you must mention these imperfections to the buyer, also highlight how these issues are minor so they don’t have to panic about future repair bills.

Personal Preference

Closing a deal can take a while so you don't want flooring you can't stand. So if you prefer the carpet, install it.

Things to Consider

When deciding on the best carpet color for resale or texture, follow these guidelines.

Go Neutral

Remember, you are preparing your home for resale so your property must appear move-in ready. Don’t choose crazy geometric patterns and instead stay conservative. Choose between cream, tan, beige, or caramel so it’s neutral.

Although it's tempting, avoid white as potential buyers may worry about keeping the carpet clean. Light-colored carpet makes rooms look bigger which is a major plus. It will also complement your current furniture and match with any tiles or flooring you already have.

Choose A Smooth Texture

When you replace the carpet before selling a house, consider the carpet’s texture. There are four styles: berbers, saxonies, friezes, and cut and loops. Berbers and saxony carpets are traditional, low-pile choices whereas cut and loops are more modern. Friezes look similar to shag carpets and are high pile, meaning they are softer and more durable.

To be safe, choose a textured saxony or a cut and loop combination as they look high-quality despite their modest cost. Once you’ve chosen the texture, keep the same carpet throughout the house. This will make your home feel larger instead of chopping the carpet up room by room. Also, it’s more cost-effective as leftover pieces can be used to complete another room.

Picking the Right Fiber

When considering carpet sales, you can use any type of carpet fiber when home staging. You can choose between natural and synthetic fibers which have their advantages and disadvantages. Natural fibers like wool are popular but more difficult to maintain.

Synthetic fibers, like nylon, are far more popular. Polyester falls in the middle of this spectrum, offering a softer feel and a wide range of colors. BCF fiber (bulk continuous filament) is a great option as it gives the carpet a fuller and higher-end look without breaking the bank.

Ask For a Second Opinion

If you’re unsure which direction to go in, ask your real estate agent what homebuyers are looking for. Your agent may have research from recently sold homes to determine whether the type of carpet affected how long the house was on the market. You can also ask our team at National Floors Direct for recommendations for the best neutral shades for your home.

Also, while lime green walls and yellow carpet may be your style, it may not be everyone else's. Buyers viewing your home will be figuring out how much it will cost to redecorate and re-carpet to suit their own preferences. Once they’ve calculated the costs, be prepared for your asking price to plummet. Instead, play it safe with a high-quality, neutral carpet

That's How to Choose the Right Carpet For House

It's essential to pick the best carpet for house viewings. The safest bet is keeping your carpet and walls neutral so potential homebuyers can imagine the rooms with their furniture in. If you’re stuck, ask our team at National Floors Direct. We'll help you understand which carpet is most popular. Good luck!

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