Rustic hardwood flooring, a top trend this year

The Top Hardwood Flooring Trends This Year

You found your dream house. It has the breakfast nook you wanted, a nice level yard, and bedrooms for all the kids. The only downside? Linoleum and grass-green carpeting as far as the eye can see. Whoever thought this was in style?

Luckily, updating your home to follow hardwood flooring trends is a great way to dramatically change its look, add value to your home, and create a healthier environment.

Hardwood flooring also offers many styles to complement any interior decorating scheme. Whether you are looking for a classic dark style or a more modern light style, hardwood flooring is available to meet your needs.

Stay on Top of Hardwood Flooring Trends

Like wall color, flooring options are essential elements to choosing a background for your home and interior decor. Trends in hardwood flooring colors make it possible to reflect your style in your flooring.

Choosing hardwood flooring ads durability and value to your home. It's a great way to make building sustainable while still getting the look you want. Explore trending options in colors and species of oak, hickory, and more.

Warm Whiskey Barrel Woods

Fill your home with the rich red tones of a whiskey barrel with these warm, variegated floorboards. Often coming with varying tones per board in a package of flooring, these reds, grays, and browns provide visual interest on the floor. Reminiscent of classic whisky barrel colors and textures, this style is cozy and warm.

Those looking for antiqued styles for new floors or to match other older floors in a home will likely find what they need in these red boards. Many older wood floors have the same variegated look to the boards, along with a mix of red, brown, and gray boards.

Particularly for historic or farmhouse-style homes, this option can extend the rustic look, but take advantage of modern flooring technology.

Contemporary Scandinavian

For a clean, bright look, blonde flooring offers an option for a thoroughly contemporary look. These white or golden hardwood floor options offer the brightest possible hardwood flooring. When paired with pale walls and furniture, they create striking interior decor.

These light floors are often found in bright, sunny spaces with clean lines and simple furnishings. Their neutrality allows for other pieces to be the focus of the room.

When choosing light, contemporary flooring, homeowners must be conscious of the requirements to keep them clean. Hardwood flooring can be easily swept and vacuumed, but light colors may require this more frequently.

Rustic and Rugged

A traditional deep, brown floor is still popular amongst hardwood flooring options. Perhaps the most classic hardwood flooring style, these chocolate brown floors evoke a feeling of richness and ruggedness.

Match with bright walls to give a room the feeling of height or dark walls to create depth in a cocooning, calm environment.

Dark hardwood flooring is great for historic homes, cozy studies, and flooring in areas meant to disguise debris such as entryways.

Gray All Day

Taking the interior decorating world by storm in recent years is the sleek, modern look of gray wood. Gray flooring is easily paired with light gray walls and white trim.

This look offers a new take on neutral furnishings for those who are tired of traditional browns. With a brighter, lighter finish, gray floors pair nicely with colorful furniture and textiles.

For those looking to sell their homes, remodeling in gray tones is particularly popular as younger homeowners look for this modern style.

Wide Planks

Trending toward rustic, farmhouse charm, wide planks of 5 inches or more have become more popular. These wide planks offer smooth surfaces and an antiqued look.

Install wide planks for a monochromatic look to your floor. If DIY-ing, wider planks also cover space more rapidly with less joining work. Get the look you want with an easier job.

Benefits of Hardwood

Installing hardwood floors into your home is a smart idea for more than one reason. Hardwood floors have lasting value and durability. They also offer environmental and health benefits that other types of flooring may not.


It's no secret that selling your home with hardwood floors make it more attractive to prospective buyers. Hardwood floors are a great neutral palette against which almost any style can work.

Hardwood flooring cost tends to be a bit higher than vinyl or carpeting. However, the value of hardwood improvements and its longevity makes the price worth it.


Hardwood floors have unbeatable durability. If you have ever been in a historic home and seen the original flooring still intact then you know hardwood flooring's potential longevity.

One of the greatest benefits of hardwood floors is their ability to refinished over and over again. This makes for fresh new options with each simple refinish, and the ability to change stain colors over time.

Modern engineered hardwood flooring is also quite durable, giving you years of quality floors.


Unlike carpeting, hardwood floors are mostly composed of natural materials that will biodegrade over time. There is significantly less environmental impact from hardwood flooring than other flooring options.

For those pursuing sustainable home building or remodeling, choosing hardwood flooring seems like an obvious choice. Lessen the carbon footprint of your home improvements by choosing high-quality hardwood floors.


When it comes to building or remodeling a healthy home, hardwood flooring is more attractive. Unlike carpeting, it is made from natural sources. Also unlike carpeting, hardwood flooring does not retain dust, mites, or other allergens that can cause health problems for inhabitants.

Given its smooth surface, hardwood flooring is easily swept or vacuumed clean. Area rugs can simply be lifted and removed for cleaning, leaving bare hardwood spotless. Hardwood flooring can help keep a home fresh.

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If you are building a new home or replacing older flooring, shop hardwood flooring now. For classic looks, longevity, and value, you can't go wrong with choosing hardwood flooring.

Reinvent your interior decor by following hardwood flooring trends. Bring color and style into your home. Get inspired by beautiful flooring options and shop now.