Hardwood flooring getting clean and shiny

This Is How to Get Hardwood Floors Shiny and Clean

When you think of a beautiful historic home, your mind undoubtedly thinks of wood flooring. The first wooden flooring, as we know it today, became popularized in colonial America, hundreds of years ago.

Today, hardwood floors are still a popular choice with homeowners thanks to their decorative versatility. Hardwood floors can make a home's interior look more rustic or more prestigious, depending on the type you choose.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don't know how to get hardwood floors shiny and clean. If you want shiny wooden floors, you'll have to learn the specifics of taking care of them. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know.

Remove Spills Right Away

Hardwood floors can get stained easily, and they're most susceptible to water or liquid-based stains. Wiping up spills right away can help prevent water stains and markings from ruining your floor's shine.

You must ensure all liquid is gone, and the floors are actually dry (and not damp). You can use a dry mop or soft microfiber cloth. Go over any spills at least twice to ensure there's no remaining dampness.

Sweep Hardwood Floors Daily

Dirt, dust, and other tiny debris may not look like it amounts to much over a typical day. Unfortunately, all these small particles can cause scratches on the surface of your hardwood floors.

To prevent tiny scratches from forming in the surface of your hardwood flooring, sweep daily. A quick five-minute sweep is fine when you're busy but aim for a more thorough cleaning at least once a week.

If you have a vacuum designed specifically for hardwood flooring, you can use this instead of a broom. If most of your home consists of hardwood flooring, you may want to consider investing in a special vacuum. Not only will it save time, but these specially-designed vacuums can also get more of the dirt, dust, and other debris off your floors.

When you sweep, be sure to get beneath any rugs. Rugs easily trap dirt and are often forgotten about during cleaning. Over time, the areas beneath rugs can create deep scratches in your hardwood flooring.

Mop Less

Some types of floors require regular mopping to stay shiny and clean. Tile flooring is a prime example of this, which requires mopping multiple times a week to keep polished. This need for frequent cleaning is far from the case with hardwood flooring, however.

Hardwood floors should only be mopped about four times a year. Many people find it easy to remember this by mopping their floors during each change of the seasons. The only exception to more frequent mopping is if your floors have become incredibly filthy for whatever reason.

Mop the Right Way

Not only do most homeowners mop their hardwood floors too frequently, but they also do it the wrong way. Cleaning wood flooring requires a different technique than other floor types.

Start by ensuring the mop you use is only damp, not soaked. Soaked mops can break down your hardwood floor's finish and even cause the wood itself to buckle. Mop in the direction of the grain.

Once you've finished with your damp mop, replace it with a dry one. Go back over the floors and buff them until they're dry. By drying your floors, you'll help to prevent streaks, so the hardwood stays shiny.

Use Less Cleaner

A common mistake homeowners make on hardwood floors is using too much cleaner. Unfortunately, using too much cleaner can present several issues that leave your floors looking less than spectacular.

Chemical cleaners are harsh. They can strip away the protective wax coating on your hardwood floors. In areas where coating has been stripped away completely, the wood is then vulnerable to damage.

Strong commercial cleaners are also prone to streaking. While they do get rid of germs, they also leave behind spots on your floor.

Use as little cleaner as necessary. Strong floor cleaners require no more than a cap's worth in an entire mopping bucket. Weaker or off-brand cleaners require no more than two to three cap's worth maximum.

Strip Wax Buildup Annually

Carnauba wax indeed helps protect your floors and keep them shiny. Over time, however, wax turns to a buildup that's sticky and visually unappealing. To solve this problem, you should be stripping wax buildup from your hardwood floors at least once a year.

If your floors accumulate wax buildup more frequently, you can adjust the times you strip them. Some people will need to strip their floors two or more times a year to maintain them.

To strip wax buildup from hardwood floors, use mineral spirits and a microfiber cloth. You can use a dry dust mop if preferred. Wipe the floors until all signs of buildup are gone.

Once the wax buildup is gone, you can reapply a fresh coat. It's imperative to reapply another coating of wax as soon as you're done stripping the old coating off. If you don't, your hardwood floors can become scratched and damaged.

Have More Questions About How to Keep Hardwood Floors Shiny?

Taking care of hardwood flooring requires special cleaning and maintenance. By incorporating the above care steps into your routine, you can keep your hardwood floors looking shiny and clean all year round.

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