Tile flooring in an American laundry room

What Type of Flooring is Best for a Laundry Room?

Nothing beats doing laundry in a space that's both comfortable and practical—it's even better if it's decorative, too! With the excitement going around social media about cute laundry rooms that are both functional and stylish, it's the perfect time to give your laundry room an upgrade, starting with the laundry room flooring.

There are plenty of different options for the floor of your laundry room, and some people like to mix it up with rugs. However, there are actually flooring options that are much better for your laundry room, and (on the flip side), flooring options that can actually work against you. We've got the best of the best laundry room flooring options right here for you!

Laundry Room Flooring Essentials

Before jumping in to see what the best kind of flooring is, it's important to keep a few things in mind. There's a reason why some flooring options are better than others, and you want to be able to understand that before purchasing anything.

Your laundry room floors need to be able to fend off moisture. Whether it comes from doing laundry, an overflowing washing machine (let's be honest, it happens), or even the eventual break of a water pipe, your laundry room is going to have more moisture in it compared to the other areas in your home.

Getting a floor that won't soak in all that moisture is extremely important, and there are a few different options. Steer clear from wooden floors, since they will absorb water instead of keeping it at the surface.

Laundry room flooring should also be stain resistant. While it doesn't sound like it, there are a lot of things that can stain a floor when you're doing clothes, like bleach or other cleaners. Getting stain-resistant floors mean you don't have to live with these spills.

The Best Laundry Room Floors

Here are the best options for your laundry room. Keep in mind that you can get most of these in a wide variety of designs, and even patterns to mimic wooden floors if you enjoy that look. The best flooring for laundry rooms can depend on where your laundry room is, too!

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most attractive types of inexpensive flooring on the market, and people are choosing it more and more often nowadays—for good reason. It's a great option for your laundry room!

With it being easy to self-install and with near-unlimited options on the market today, it's a great option for most people. It's also easy to replace in case of a problem, or in case you're ready to change up your laundry room's style.

Be careful though—laminate flooring isn't always waterproof. Since it's going into your laundry room, you'll want to make sure you've picked up a waterproof kind. The standard laminate flooring will actually wear quickly in laundry rooms if it's not waterproof.

Tile Flooring

Another historically popular option is laundry room floor tile. Many older homes used tile floors in bathrooms and laundry rooms because it's one of the most waterproof options you can get, and it's also fairly cheap.

Tile flooring is a beautiful option, and there are designs that are timeless and elegant that can really elevate your laundry space. However, be prepared to spend a pretty penny on it, along with the installation costs. Tile flooring is not easy to install, and you'll want to get a professional who knows what he's doing.

The major downside to tile flooring is that it can be difficult to clean well. While it's easy to sweep, moisture and other bits of dust can get trapped in the molding that keeps the tiles together. Scrub cleaning the molding is sometimes the only option, and that can be tedious and hard on your body.

Concrete Flooring

Sometimes all you need is concrete flooring. It's a great option, and unless you have a major flooding issue, then you won't have to worry about any water damage. It's extremely durable and easy to clean as well!

The major flaw of concrete flooring is that it's generally considered unattractive. Unless you've got a laundry area in your garage or it happens to match the aesthetic you're going for, concrete flooring won't always match. It also stays extremely cold, so keeping a pair of slippers around is a good idea.

If you like the idea of a concrete floor, then there are ways you can stain it to make it a little more appealing. Rugs are also a huge bonus for keeping you warm while you're doing your laundry.

Vinyl Flooring

Last but certainly not least is vinyl flooring for laundry rooms. This laundry room flooring option is one of the best, and it's more waterproof than any other option on this list. There are a variety of different patterns and looks that come with vinyl flooring, so you're bound to find something that looks great for your laundry room.

Vinyl floor is inexpensive, and you can self install it if you've got a small laundry room. However, long pieces of vinyl can be difficult to work with if you don't know what you're doing—leaving it to a professional is a better option in most cases.

There are also luxury vinyl options if you want to really upgrade the look of your laundry room!

Where to Next?

No matter what kind of laundry room flooring option you choose from this list, it's important that you have a game plan. If you need help with where to go next, feel free to contact us! We can help you find the perfect laundry room flooring option, and we can even ship you what you need.