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A Guide to the Most Popular Hardwood Floor Colors

The U.S. hardwood flooring industry is a major contributor to the U.S. economy, generating $4 billion in GDP and $8.5 billion in economic output. As this industry is booming, hardwood flooring is becoming popular among homeowners and business owners. It's because of its timeless beauty and unmatched durability.

Whether you want to renovate your master suite or powder room, a new hardwood floor can transform the space. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one for your needs? Read on for helpful tips to make choosing hardwood floor colors for your new floors easy and ensure a stunning outcome you'll love:

Opt for Waterproof Materials

Waterproof hardwood flooring is a type of hardwood flooring treated to resist water damage. As such, it's a good choice for homes with pets and kids or areas prone to flooding. Your options for waterproof hardwood floors include engineered hardwood, solid hardwood, and bamboo flooring.

One of the waterproof hardwood floor colors to consider is natural wood tones. Natural wood tones are light and airy, and they can help make a space feel larger and brighter. You should also consider gray and brown tones since they're classic and versatile and can help create different looks.

Other waterproof color options include whitewashed wood tones and dark wood tones. Whitewashed wood tones are light and beachy, and they can help create a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Dark wood tones have a luxurious and inviting feel.

Consider the Cost

Some hardwood floor colors are more expensive than others. For instance, dark wood tones and exotic wood species are typically more expensive than light wood tones and domestic wood species. Either way, the cost will depend on the grade of the wood and the type of finish.

If you are on a budget, consider a lighter wood tone or a domestic wood species. You may also want to choose a less expensive finish. Other money-saving tips include choosing a less expensive finish and buying prefinished hardwood flooring.

It is also important to factor in the cost of maintenance when choosing hardwood floor colors. A dark wood tone surface can show dirt and scratch more easily than light wood tones. Therefore, you may need to clean and refinish them more often.

Think About the Ease of Installation

Since some colors are more difficult to install than others, they can impact the cost and timeline of your project. To be precise, light-colored hardwood floors are generally easier to install than dark-colored floors. Light colors are less likely to show imperfections in the wood.

Prefinished hardwood floors are also easier to install than unfinished floors. They come pre-sanded and stained, so you don't have to do this work yourself. Engineered hardwood floor installation is easy since the material comprises a base layer of plywood with a thin top layer of hardwood that makes it less likely to warp or buckle.

Consider the Aesthetics of Your Space

When choosing hardwood floor colors, consider the existing aesthetics of your space. The aesthetics pertain to the wall color and pattern, cabinets, décor, lights, and colors of doors and windows. If you're renovating your space, choose colors that complement the existing décor.

But if you're building a new home, you can visualize the aesthetics of each room and then decide on the best hardwood floor colors. Either way, avoid choosing hardwood floor colors that are an exact match to your walls and furniture. Doing this can create a dull and uninspired look.

Choose a Color That Reflects Your Lifestyle

Your home's lifestyle and theme can help you choose the right hardwood floor color for each of your rooms. If you have an artistic lifestyle, choose classic mid-toned woods like oak, walnut, hickory, or birch. For a traditional home, lighter and warmer brown-toned woods are a good choice.

Go for modern hardwood floors in black, gray, or smoky-tone colors if you have a contemporary lifestyle. You can also choose hardwood colors to match the theme of your home. For instance, stained floors in light colors or muted shades can create an airy and inviting feel if you have a farmhouse style.

Choose pale or light colors if you want a flooring company to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. Your living rooms may need warmer tones, such as light brown or light red, for an inviting feel. For kitchens, you may want to go for darker wood tones, such as black or dark brown, since they can hide stains and dirt and are less likely to fade over time.

Consider the Type of Hardwood

Factors to consider include durability, hardness, species, and moisture resistance. You should also consider whether you need a pet-friendly floor. Once you decide on the type of hardwood you need, choose from the available colors.

If you have a high-traffic area, choose a hardwood known for its durability, such as oak or maple. Hardwood rated at least 3 or 4 for hardness would work if you have pets or children. If you live in a humid climate, teak or mahogany are ideal for their moisture resistance.

Stay Up-to-Date With the Latest Trends

Look at the latest trends to ensure your choice is stylish. One way to stay informed about hardwood flooring trends is to read home decor magazines and websites. These resources often feature different styles, colors, and stains that you can use for inspiration.

You can visit home improvement stores and showrooms or ask hardwood flooring contractors for ideas. Home improvement stores and showrooms have hardwood flooring displays with the latest color trends. On the other hand, floor installers can advise you on the latest trends in color and style.

Need More Help With Hardwood Floor Colors?

Choosing the right hardwood floor colors can greatly impact your home's look and feel. Consider the overall style of your home, the amount of natural light in your home, and the size of your room. You should also choose a floor color that will complement your existing furnishings.

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