A realtor's guide to flooring options

A Realtor's Guide to Flooring Options

According to the National Association of Realtors, agents across the United States sold more than 5.80 million units during the last month. As a realtor, you know the value of hustle and hard work to move properties.

But, how can you uplevel your sales even more? What are the best ways to increase learning and attract more clients? Understand flooring options.

Flooring is one of the most expensive and attractive home features for many home buyers. Identifying types of flooring can impress clients and increase your likelihood of a sale.

This can become a unique and useful tool to differentiate yourself in a saturated realtor market. Read on to discover everything you need to know about flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

Did you know that 54% of home buyers are willing to pay more for a property with hardwood flooring? Hardwood floors tend to be the most preferred and appreciated type of flooring on the market today. Whether you have luxury or investment buyers, hardwood is an important selling feature you need to learn how to play up.

For example, in a historic home, you may find vintage-wide plank wood floors. While in a New York City studio, parquet wood flooring is common. Buyers may ask you to identify different types of wood and floor planks.

But, not all hardwood is the same. Try browsing the National Floors Direct hardwood catalog to get a sense of the different types of wood. Besides the stain of the wood, hardwood flooring may differ in material, plank, size, and even installation design.

Selling Factors

So it is important to brush up on your skills and have a basic knowledge of types of hardwood. But, most importantly, you need to communicate to potential buyers the appeal of hardwood.

Beyond aesthetic beauty, hardwood is a durable and timeless flooring option. This makes it a long-lasting and smart investment for any homeowner.


Tile is a common type of flooring typically found in bathrooms, kitchens, sun porches, or basements. Depending on your region, tile may be the more popular home flooring choice. In warmer climates like Florida or California, tile provides cooling relief.

Tile is a curious material because it can be affordable or extremely expensive. Your buyers need to take into account the cost per tile and the related installation costs.

If your buyers want to replace or refinish tile, this could also incur labor efforts and unforeseen expenses. However, the selling appeal of tile lies in its beauty and functionality.

Variety and Maintenance Appeal

Tile is one of the most varied and unique flooring options. As a realtor, it is your job to help buyers identify different tile options and sell them on the property. For example, in a new construction home, you may suggest your buyers install a clean and affordable white tile to create a blank canvas design.

While in an older home, you can sell your buyers on the fixer-upper project. Suggest historically inspired tile to redesign the bathroom or kitchen.

Sell clients on tile flooring installation by knowing the process and rough estimate costs. While each tile project and budget will be different, offering a base sum estimate and demonstrating knowledge will go a long way.

Laminate and Vinyl

Laminate or vinyl flooring are great options for homeowners who design on a budget. Or, investors may appreciate these materials for their low cost and easy installation. Laminate and vinyl flooring are specially formulated materials that are often sold in tile or sheet roll form.

To install, the material adheres to the floor. Laminate and vinyl are prized for low cost, durability, and versatility. If you have a creative client who wants a pattern or bold color floor, vinyl is a great way to make an impact with a lower price point.

Or clients who have pets or children may benefit from vinyl's durability and low maintenance. If you're selling a renovation property, knowing about laminate or vinyl can help your client decorate their new home without blowing the budget.


Carpet is a traditional and widely accessible flooring material. When speaking about carpeting with your clients, it is important to understand the different types and maintenance. For example, your clients may ask about a particular carpet weave or texture.

Or, they may have questions related to steam cleaning and maintenance. By knowing how to look at quality carpet, you can suggest a new carpet installation or offer carpet care advice. Highly maintained carpets can also help maintain the value of a property and encourage certain buyers.

For example, if your client is preparing to sell their home but needs to renovate outdated flooring, carpet could be an easy and effective solution. Families with small children or buyers looking to create cozy spaces will enjoy carpets for years to come.

Commercial Flooring

If you sell commercial real estate or hope to get into this market space, basic commercial flooring knowledge can help you excel. Your clients can choose from the above materials like commercial hardwood, commercial vinyl, or commercial carpet. The difference between commercial flooring and residential flooring is increased durability and strength.

You can sell your clients a particular retail space by providing a basic overview of these flooring options and help them choose a lasting material that will make their business more attractive and entice customers. In the end, this helps bolster your realty credibility and encourages additional sales or referrals.

Understand Flooring Options to Increase Real Estate Sales

When it comes to selling real estate, knowing these various flooring options can impress your clients and help you make more sales. Whether your buyer needs flooring for a new home or your seller wants to replace outdated flooring, these options deliver beyond expectations.

While flooring and design may seem out of the realtor's scope, this skill set can actually make you more competitive in the eyes of potential buyers. You are helping clients choose their forever home and the inside flooring choice is an important part of that decision! If you want to learn more about flooring options or recommend quality floor professionals for your clients, check out National Floors Direct.