Basement Remodel Examples

Basement Remodel Examples To Inspire You To Use Your Extra Space

What's the current state of your home's basement? Are boxes piled up alongside the wall and the floors covered with other odds and ends? Are you getting the most out of it?

If you don't regularly enjoy your basement space, then it's time for a basement remodel! Your home's basement is part of the home and with the right basement remodel ideas, you can transform it into one of your favorite rooms in the house.

The more living space you have, the more value your home holds as well. Review a few basement-remodel ideas in our guide below to inspire you. From basement flooring to basement light fixtures, here's everything you need to know about getting the most out of your extra space!

Second Living Room Area

Some families prefer to have a more formal type of living room on the main level. If you enjoy having a formal living room in your home, then you can use the basement area for your second living room. In this space, you can install carpeting on the floors for a cozy feel.

You can also install light fixtures with a dimmer. The dimmer comes in handy when you want to go from playing board games to watching a movie. Be sure to provide optimal seating that's comfortable for everyone.

A couch and love seat are great ideas with a small coffee table in the middle for when the family's feeling competitive, and you want to break out a few games.

Spa-Like Environment

Who wouldn't enjoy having their very own spa in their home? Spa-like environments are a great way to decompress and relax after a long day at work or a long day with the kids at home. To create this type of basement, you can install beautiful dark hardwood flooring.

The dark wood helps set a more relaxing mood. Dimmed lights are also best for your spa basement, just like you would see when waiting in the lobby for a massage. If you want to kick it up a notch, install a dimmable chandelier.

Two large chairs with a small table in the center create a space for reading or resting your eyes.

It's even ideal to add an electric fireplace as well. Topping it off with greenery, a speaker to play relaxing music on, and a yoga mat or two will complete the space.

Movie Theater Vibes

With many movies now available on smart TVs, not as many people are heading out to the movie theater. With a smart TV in your basement, you can turn the space into your own at-home movie theater!

For your movie-theater basement, you want to consider vinyl floors, which are easy to clean and maintain. This way, if any drinks or snacks spill on the floor, you can easily clean them up. Next, you can install pendant lighting on the ceiling and on the walls, just as you'd see in the real theaters.

Make sure you can dim these as well for when the movie starts. The seating you choose is whatever is most comfortable for the entire family. A large sectional with several recliners is a great idea.

You can also include a popcorn machine and a snack concession area as well. Rather than building a built-in bar to the basement, build a built-in snack and drink concession stand to give it a true movie-theater feel!

Additional Office Space

For all the professionals who work from home or take their work home with them, additional office space is a must-have. Turn your own basement into the perfect office for you, with everything you need to stay productive.

You can install either carpeting or even laminate flooring in your new office space. If you like to work with a padded footrest under your feet, then you'll want to choose hard flooring, so the mat will lay flat down. If you have windows in the basement, this is where you might want to place your desk.

Natural lighting is bright and not harsh on the eyes. You should also install plenty of artificial lighting. A desk for your computer and an ergonomic chair will complete your basic needs.

Don't hesitate to hang your diplomas, degrees, and other certificates or awards. You should also hang artwork and family portraits to keep your mind in a positive state while working.

Tucked-Away Library

If you love to read, then you'll want your own library in your home, and the basement is the perfect place for it. Bookcases can be built into the walls to save space. Imagine all four walls in the basement transformed into bookcases with an endless amount of books on them.

A nice hardwood flooring is best with a large rug in the center. Add lots of seating from comfy couches to individual chairs. Aside from your normal light fixtures, add lots of task lighting as well, such as lamps.

An electric fireplace in your basement library will bring the entire room together.

Family Game Room

Our last basement-remodel idea is to create a family game room. You can have a shelf with all your favorite board games and card games, but a family game room is so much more. The flooring should be a hard surface if you plan to eat a lot of snacks and bring drinks down with you.

On one side of the room, you can have your pinball machines and other retro arcade games. On the other side, have an air hockey table or a foosball table. Some seating is a good idea for those waiting for their turn.

A built-in bar with a mini-fridge is also a great addition. Your light fixtures should be bright so everyone can see while playing and don't forget to consider installing a fan as well since you might break a sweat while competing!

What Will Your Basement Remodel Include?

There are so many different ways to complete a basement remodel. The ideas listed here are just a few different ways you can transform your basement. Take one of these ideas, or let them inspire a new idea in you!

You can even consider putting two ideas in one.

When you're ready to begin the process, be sure to contact us for a free in-home estimate for all your flooring needs!