water-resistant flooring

Beautiful Options for Designing With Water Resistant Flooring

Anyone who lives in a busy household knows that splashes and spills are just part of life. Installing water-resistant flooring gives your home a beautiful look along with exceptional durability.

According to Floor Covering News, "resilient" or water-resistant flooring sales surpassed carpet sales by $15 million in 2023.

If you're interested in learning about these flooring trends, read on to learn more about your options when designing your home with water-resistant flooring.

Why Choose Water-Resistant Flooring?

Water is a common element inside of our homes, but your flooring shouldn't be exposed to moisture if it's not water-resistant. However, water-resistant flooring is designed to keep water from penetrating the floor's surface, preventing permanent damage.

While water-resistant flooring isn't completely waterproof, it does a great job of protecting the floors thanks to a special coating and materials. Unlike carpet and some other flooring materials, these flooring solutions don't allow moisture to penetrate past the top layer, which could leave marks and stains behind.

When your flooring is water-resistant, it's much easier to clean up messes in a pinch. It's a smart choice for homes with kids and pets and a great option for any lifestyle and home.

Most water-resistant flooring can easily be cleaned using a soft cloth or mop. Even though these flooring materials can resist water damage, it's still important to clean up spills or moisture as soon as possible whenever you can.

Preventing water damage before it starts will help you protect your investment and extend the life of your floors. That's why designing your home with water-resistant flooring is such a wise choice.

Laminate Flooring

Water-resistant laminate flooring not only looks beautiful, but it's also highly resistant to water damage. New material options for laminate look very similar to hardwood, but they're much more durable and affordable. You can enjoy the aesthetic of solid hardwood without spending a ton of money and breaking the bank.

The moisture-resistant core of laminate prevents water damage to the floors so they stay looking newer for longer. They're great for areas like the kitchen and bathroom where water is a constant presence, but they also add beauty to a living space and hallway, too.

If you like, you can install laminate flooring throughout the entire home. This eliminates the worry of whether that spilled glass of water will ruin your beautiful floors while you watch TV in the living room.

Laminate flooring isn't just affordable, it's also easy to install. If you're looking for attractive flooring materials on a budget that stay clean and dry regardless of spills, water-resistant laminate is a fantastic option.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has come a long way, and new flooring trends for this material offer stylish, affordable solutions. Not only is vinyl durable, but it also works quite well in high-moisture rooms like the laundry room, bathroom, and kitchen.

Vinyl planks are adhered directly to the subfloor so it's strong and resilient, even under heavy foot traffic. Many styles resemble the look of real hardwood, adding beauty and versatility to any home design.

Another bonus to choosing vinyl is that it's extremely easy to clean and maintain. These low-maintenance floors are a great solution if you're looking for attractive, budget-friendly water-resistant flooring for your home.


If you want something practical yet modern, concrete flooring is a good choice, especially in basements or kitchens. This durable flooring is highly resistant to water as long as the proper floor seal product is applied.

Once the concrete is sealed, it should remain water-resistant for years to come. It's important to note that concrete is porous by nature, so it's vital to apply the right floor sealant once the floors are installed and the concrete has cured.

This flooring does a wonderful job of resisting not just water and stains, but also odors, stretches, and bacteria. You can install this flooring in the basement, laundry room, and bathroom, but it can also be installed throughout the home for a uniform look.

Tile Flooring

Tile floors are beautiful and stylish, but these flooring materials come with a caveat. Natural tile like limestone or travertine is porous, so it's not a good water-resistant solution.

However, both porcelain and ceramic tiles are a popular option for almost any room in the home. These types of tiles resist moisture and stains because they have a durable, rigid core and a smooth, water-resistant glaze to protect them.

Porcelain and ceramic tile come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. These tiles are very easy to keep clean, and they work wonderfully in residential and commercial spaces alike.

Choosing the Right Water-Resistant Flooring

There are several things to consider when you're looking to design your home using water-resistant flooring. First, determine what your flooring budget is and which materials offer the best features at the lowest price.

It's also important to take the installation process into consideration. Some flooring like vinyl and laminate are easy to install, while tile is much more complex, labor-intensive, and time-consuming.

Determine where you plan to install new floors. You may only want to change the flooring in your bathrooms and kitchen, or you might have plans to re-do the entire home. This factor will play a role in your total cost, so keep that in mind.

It's vital to research different flooring brands and their reputation. Look for customer reviews and only purchase your new flooring from reputable retailers and flooring companies you trust.

Finally, it's always important to consider maintenance. Flooring that's easier to clean and maintain will always be the best option, especially if you have a large family or live a busy lifestyle.

Discover Your New Flooring Today

Keep these tips and options in mind when you shop for new water-resistant flooring. From beautiful tile and modern concrete to durable laminate and vinyl, there are plenty of great flooring materials to choose from.

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