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Carpet Pile by Design: A Guide for Each Room

Are you struggling to find the ideal carpet for each room in your home? Do you want to create a stunning space that serves your practical needs?

The right carpet pile can transform a room, adding warmth, comfort, and style while being functional and durable. After all, a plush carpet with a high pile can make a room feel more inviting and cozy. This is especially important in cold climates or rooms with little natural light.

Ready to discover how the right carpet can elevate your space? Let's learn how to choose the perfect carpet for each room in your house.

Types of Carpets

Before we jump into selecting the right carpet pile for each room, let's review your options. When buying carpets, you should consider a few factors first:

Types of Fibers

You can choose between several carpet fibers when installing a new carpet in your home. Here are the most common options available:


Acrylic carpets are a good option for those who want the look of wool without the high price tag. They are hypoallergenic and don't cause allergies, but they have a shorter lifespan than other types of carpets.


Wool is a high-quality carpet fiber that is naturally resistant to wear and flames. If properly maintained, it can last for decades. Wool fibers are naturally coiled, which gives them resilience and helps them retain their original color.


Nylon is a durable synthetic carpet perfect for high-traffic areas. Its strong fibers retain their shape and are available at a range of price points. Thus, nylon is a good option for those who want a durable carpet that will last a long time.


Olefin is a synthetic carpet fiber produced from melted plastic materials. It is renowned for its resistance to moisture and mold.

For this reason, it's frequently installed in areas with a high risk of water damage. Additionally, olefin is an inexpensive carpet that is highly resistant to staining.

Pile Height

Different carpets have different pile heights, which affects your choice. There are three primary pile heights: low, medium, and high.

Low-pile (¼ inch and under) carpet is a good choice for high-traffic areas because it is durable and doesn't hold onto dirt. The short fibers are dense and flat, providing a comfortable underfoot feel. Low-pile carpet is also suitable for homes with pets, as it is less likely to collect pet hair.

Medium-pile (½ inch to ¾ inch) carpet is a good option for living rooms and bedrooms because it is soft, durable, and easily cleaned. It has longer fibers than low-pile carpet but is less likely to collect pet hair and debris.

High-pile carpets are full and fluffy, making them great for areas that need extra warmth. They're also great for noise reduction and can add a touch of luxury to a home. Unfortunately, because of their high pile, they collect more dirt and debris than other pile heights.


Face weight is the weight of a carpet's fibers per square yard. Heavier face-weight carpets are more durable and resistant to flattening, but they don't always equate to higher-quality flooring. A carpet with a heavier face weight is best suited for high-traffic areas, while lighter-weight carpets are better for low-traffic areas.

Carpets By Room

Now that you know more about your options when choosing a carpet pile for your home, let's review how to choose carpet for every room in your home.

Main Bedroom

A plush, luxurious carpet pile would be ideal for a main bedroom. This pile type offers a soft, cushioned feel underfoot, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

The thick, dense fibers of plush carpet provide excellent insulation, helping to maintain a warm and inviting environment. Additionally, the luxurious appearance of the plush carpet adds an elegant touch to the bedroom, enhancing its overall aesthetic.

Living Room

The living room is a common area for people to gather and relax. A lush, opulent carpet is also perfect for cold winter nights, as it will help keep the room warm and cozy.

The high pile of the carpet traps air, which helps to insulate the room and keep it warm. Additionally, the plush texture of the carpet can provide a soft and comfortable surface to sit on. This is ideal for curling up with a blanket and a good book.

Kids' Room

When choosing a carpet pile for a kids' bedroom, durability and ease of cleaning should be prioritized. Opt for a low, dense pile that can withstand heavy foot traffic and resist stains.

Additionally, consider a carpet with a soft and comfortable texture to provide a cozy play area for children. Selecting carpets with good sound insulation properties is also beneficial. It helps minimize noise and create a peaceful environment for sleep and play.

Home Office

When selecting a carpet pile for a home office, consider a low-pile option for ease of movement in a rolling chair. Look for a durable, stain-resistant material that is easy to clean, as home offices can see heavy foot traffic. Ensure you choose a color and pattern that complements the office decor and contributes to a professional atmosphere.


A low, dense, tightly woven carpet pile is ideal for high-traffic hallways. This pile type is more resistant to crushing and wear, making it better suited to withstand constant foot traffic.

Furthermore, loop pile carpets can be a good choice as they are durable and less likely to show tracking marks from footprints. Consider a synthetic fiber like nylon for added resilience and ease of maintenance.

Mastering the Art of Carpet Pile

When choosing a carpet pile for each room, consider a few factors. These include the room's function, traffic level, and personal preferences.

A low-pile carpet with a dense weave is a good option for high-traffic areas like hallways. Medium-pile carpets are a good option for bedrooms and family rooms because they offer a balance of softness and durability.

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