Modern carpet revitalizing a retro home

Carpet Trends To Revitalize Your Retro Home

If your job is one of the millions that has been moved to full-time work from home status, you may be looking at your house with a more critical eye. Now that you're housebound more than ever before, it's obvious that your carpet has endured serious wear and tear. What better time than now to look into updating your flooring?

Bringing your carpet into the new decade doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Between the rise of eco-friendly materials and the revamped monochrome aesthetic, modern carpet trends offer something for all tastes. You'll surely find something that will fit your home. No matter your personal style, you can choose something both trendy and timeless.

Carpet Trends of The Roaring 2020s

Contemporary customers are looking for carpets that are relatively low-maintenance but still comfortable. At the same time, homeowners are more aware of their carbon footprint than ever, leading to a call for ethically sourced materials. People want to feel good about their carpet and still like looking at it.

In addition, bright colors and patterns are back in a new way. Create a joyful home by installing a vivid carpet, or purposely clash a patterned couch with a floral carpet. The design landscape is more free-spirited than ever.

Sustainable Materials and Ethical Sources

Manufacturers have found great ways to make a carpet out of plant material and ethically harvested wool. This is to meet a demand for greater responsibility to the environment. Both the customer and the manufacturer can feel good about their carpet when it has been ethically made.

Some forerunners in the "green carpet" movement are jute, sisal, and even hemp. Since these plants grow quickly and in abundance, they make for affordable and eco-conscious carpeting. These materials are great if you are looking for a more "natural" style of carpet, as they're often undyed.

Maximalist Patterns

Pattern mixing is a tricky art, but a great place to start is a carpet with big, bold prints. This could be a bright floral or a colorful herringbone, or even your favorite animal print! Deer prints and subdued tiger stripes are great for vivacious homes.

You can choose whether to play up the carpet pattern or surround it with complementary solid colors to let it stand out. Bold patterns make a great focal point in any room, but combining it with a contrasting wallpaper or striped couch adds visual interest.

Luxurious Textures

Since we are home now more than ever, people want to surround themselves with comfort. Carpets are no exception. Cushioned carpet and long-pile carpets are back in a big way.

Though they may remind you of the shag carpet craze of the seventies, modern manufacturers have found ways to make long-pile carpet less fussy. They're easier to clean and work for you instead of the other way around. Comfortable carpeting doesn't have to be high-maintenance anymore!

Bright Geometric Sequences

Modern designers are revamping the bold designs from the sixties and seventies, using new palettes. These carpets add interest and can help to unify the design of your home.

Of course, geometric patterns don't just have to be colorways. If you're looking to add a more subtle pattern to your home, look for a geometric textured carpet to install. These pieces can endure high foot traffic but stay soft beneath your toes.

The New Neutrals

Beige and gray aren't boring anymore. Designers are experimenting with neutral colorways more than ever before, and you may not notice the difference at first, but your brain will. New hues and textures make neutral carpets a bold but subtle choice.

These neutrals often tie in with sustainable material, as well. Olive greens and straw colors are sneaking into the neutral set, as are blue-based grays. These darker neutrals are great for a home with kids or pets, as they are slower to show wear.

Lighter neutrals like khaki and beige are great for sunny rooms as well. They catch and reflect the light without drawing too much attention. Choose a textured neutral-toned carpet to keep it intriguing.

Bring Your Floors Into This Century

There is a multitude of ways to update your home and keep up with modern design trends. These carpet trends belong in any home, no matter the size, location, or budget. It's easier than ever to keep up with the Joneses - at least as far as interior design is concerned.

If all of these trends have you feeling inspired but you're not sure what to do next, don't hesitate to reach out and get a quote from professional carpet installers. You can choose the designs all yourself, but call an expert for installation.