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Commercial Flooring: Why Choose Carpet for Your Office?

Approximately one-third of small businesses exceeded their pre-determined budgets in 2020. You can help prevent this from happening to your company by choosing the right commercial flooring material for your re-flooring project.

In this article, we discuss why carpeted commercial floors are the best option for businesses. Continue reading to learn how these can save your company money and offer a great aesthetic. 

Benefits of Carpet For Commercial Flooring

The first aspect worth considering about carpets for commercial floors is the benefits they can bring to your office space. Commercial flooring installation should improve your workspace in at least one major way.

For some businesses, it upgrades the look. For others, it helps them put their budget toward other purchases. Carpet does both and more. 

Save The Office Budget

When it comes to choosing commercial flooring, some people may be drawn to vinyl flooring or tile flooring but carpet can help save the office budget. It's often one of the most affordable ways to invest in commercial flooring installation.

This can mean putting your budget toward upgrading more areas of your business than just the main client space or front office. You can replace the commercial floors in the private office or employee break room as well. 

Creates A Quieter Work Space

As any good commercial flooring company will tell you, carpet is a great option if you need a quiet workspace. Hard floors such as laminate and hardwood amplify sounds such as walking, talking, and even typing on a keyboard.

Carpet absorbs sound better than other types of flooring, which helps keep your employees more focused. Ask your commercial flooring service about the right type of carpet to reduce the noise in your office. 

Relaxed Aesthetic

Where other types of business flooring create a cold and detached environment, carpet creates a relaxed atmosphere. Carpet tends to make a room feel more inviting and friendly to both customers and employees.

If this is the type of aesthetic you want for your business, then carpet commercial flooring is the perfect choice for you. You can get creative with different color schemes and pile depth for different areas to create different aesthetics. 

Stain Protection

If you think that carpet isn't the most stain-friendly type of flooring offered by a commercial flooring company, you're correct. However, newer styles of business flooring carpet have improved old models.

Instead of material that easily absorbs moisture and stains, commercial carpets are designed to be more resistant to these types of problems. Certain manufacturers have ensured each fiber is more stain-resistant than before.

How To Choose The Right Carpet For Commercial Flooring

If you're looking forward to enjoying the benefits that come with commercial carpet service, then it's time to consider how to choose the right type of carpet for your business flooring. 

Take some time to look around your building and the areas that are getting the upgrade. This is an important step because it's easy to overlook certain details when you see a room every day. Then, you can start making some decisions.

Office Aesthetic

After you've taken a walk around the office space, consider the existing office aesthetic. Then, ask yourself if you want to change the aesthetic or perpetuate it.

Some people undervalue this aspect of commercial flooring installation. However, the right type of flooring is what sets the tone for your business. It's something noticeable when you make the wrong decision. 

If you have a streamlined, professional aesthetic, we recommend choosing a low pile carpet in a gray or other simple neutral. If you have a warm and welcome area, then consider a medium pile with a light color. 

Easy Movement

If you're replacing commercial floors in an area with office chairs or large and heavy furniture, make sure you factor in movement when making your carpet selection. 

A low pile carpet helps prevent wheels from getting stuck in the fibers. It also helps with large furniture, especially if you move it around from time to time. Medium pile carpets are difficult to move these objects across and should be avoided in these types of areas. 

Individual Room Uses

This guide may have you ready to invest in some high-quality carpet but take a moment to consider the areas that are receiving commercial carpet installation. If these areas are common, hallways, or office areas, then you have more freedom of choice for business floors.

However, if the areas include break rooms or kitchens, then consider a different type of flooring for these areas alone. While carpet is becoming more stain-resistant, some materials are better suited for these uses. 

Signs It's Time To Replace Your Old Commercial Floors

If you're still undecided about whether or not you should upgrade your commercial floors, take a look at your existing flooring. Being able to notice the signs of wear and tear can help you know when it's time to upgrade. 

Stains And Odor

When your carpet starts to appear discolored and gives off a bad smell, it's time to replace it. Plus, it's important to ensure there isn't damage beneath the stains that could be dangerous. New carpets are a treat for the entire office.

Other Visible Damage

Rips and tears are also signs that it's time to call your local commercial flooring company. While some flooring can be repaired, it may be more costly than replacing the floor with fresh carpet. 

Outdated Style

Sometimes, replacing old carpet is about updating the office style. Outdated carpet styles can leave your office looking dingy and outdated. Prevent this by investing in some of the newer styles that offer better longevity. 

Find The Right Carpet For Commercial Flooring

Start looking for the right carpet for your commercial flooring needs. Start by considering what you have and what you want to have. Then, make the choice that's best for your business and start enjoying the benefits.

If you're ready to talk commercial floors, contact us today for a free estimate