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Different Kitchen Floor Trends in 2022

Did you know that only 3% of homeowners upgrade their floor during a kitchen remodel? 

When homeowners finally decide to take the plunge into remodeling their kitchens, they primarily focus on countertops, backsplashes, and sinks. But if anything in the kitchen takes the most wear and tear, it's undoubtedly the kitchen flooring!

Don't overlook what's underfoot! New kitchen flooring can completely transform your space. 

Not sure how to choose kitchen floor? Read on to learn about trending kitchen floor ideas for 2022. 

2022 Kitchen Floor Trends

Before we dive into the specific trending floors, it may be helpful to understand what's popular. Kitchen floor trends in 2022 are leaning towards natural-feeling materials in a pale, bright color palette. Colors like sand, buff beige, and grey are currently taking over kitchen floor design.

A bigger tile is generally better if you decide to tile your floors. Most trending floors feature large tile sizes, almost mimicking natural slabs. Large tiles minimize the grout lines and make the kitchen space feel more open. 

Of course, your home is as unique as you are! Feel free to take inspiration from these trends and add your own twist. 

Brushed Dijon Limestone

Dijon limestone originates from Lebanon and is frequently used in tile flooring, countertops, fountains, mosaics, and more. Dijon limestone is a light, neutral limestone that complements nearly any home's color scheme. Every piece of Dijon limestone is unique, and some tiles may even contain fossils or quartz lines. 

Dijon limestone is available in several tile sizes and finishes, including brushed, tumbled, and seasoned limestone. 

Grey Limestone

Grey limestone is a classic, timeless flooring option for kitchens, and it also happens to be trendy for 2022. There are many shades of grey limestone, from warm, tonal options to smooth, cool grey. Grey limestone adds depth and dimension to kitchen flooring. 

Like Dijon limestone, grey limestone can come in wide variations. No two grey limestone tiles are exactly alike, making it a forgiving choice for any season or color theme

Large Flagstone

Large flagstone is another classic, pale flooring option. For centuries, flagstone has been one of the best types of kitchen floor because of its durability and simplicity. In 2022, this trend is back and better than ever. 

Large flagstone tiles can come in "free length" sizes to create a free-flowing, natural look when pieced together. The soft, beige tones of flagstone invite sunlight and warmth into the kitchen space. 

Buff Sandstone

Sandstone is considered one of the "ultimate neutral" tiles for kitchen flooring. In a soft buff color, sandstone can complement any color scheme but lends itself well to a clean, modern country look. Buff sandstone can provide a more smooth, homogenous appearance than limestone. 

Like limestone and flagstone, sandstone is very durable. Buff sandstone provides a good grip underfoot, perfect for avoiding spills and slips in a busy kitchen. 

Large Porcelain Tile

Following the natural stone floor trend, porcelain tiles have gained a new dimension. Large, tumbled porcelain is becoming increasingly popular in kitchen flooring design. Like flagstone and limestone, pale, tumbled porcelain gives a modern yet country vibe to a kitchen. 

Tumbled porcelain has unique edges and markings that make it almost indistinguishable from natural stone. Consider porcelain if you're looking for a more affordable, trendy, and timeless option!

Wood-like Tile

Many people may be more interested in warming up their kitchen with wood grains and living elements. Moving away from the natural stone trends, wood-like tile is another kitchen tile growing in popularity. Wood-like tile is much easier to clean and maintain in the kitchen than hardwood or laminate floors. 

Nearly all shades of wood-like tile are trending for 2022, so you can't go wrong with this modern kitchen flooring. However, like the other tiles in this list, large, pale wood-like tile is currently the star of the show. 

Oak, whitewashed, and coastal wood-like tiles bring a laid-back, airy feeling. Where other tiles can sometimes feel cold and harsh, wood-like tile makes the kitchen feel soft, relaxed, and inviting. 

Herringbone Pattern

Are you looking for something more unique and exciting than a standard wood floor? Herringbone and parquet floor patterns have been popular since 17th century Europe, but they're finding a major resurgence in 2022. 

Instead of laying your wood-like tile end to end, consider placing tiles in a herringbone design! Herringbone floor patterns add energy, interest, and vintage vibes to your kitchen space. 

Waterproof Vinyl

If you're not a fan of hard flooring, consider a waterproof kitchen vinyl floor! Vinyl floors can come in tile and wood-like designs or fun, ornate patterns. The most important part is to choose a vinyl that is waterproof, like WPC or SPC vinyl. 

Vinyl floor is also a relatively affordable kitchen flooring upgrade and easy to install on your own. To modernize your vinyl, go with a light, variegated color palette! 

Cooking Up Gorgeous Kitchens

All of these kitchen floor trends for 2022 are clean, neutral, and bright. As always, you should follow your heart when choosing a kitchen floor, but you can't go wrong taking inspiration from this list. Homeowners can trust that these trendy floors will remain timeless for many years to come! 

If you're planning to upgrade your kitchen, there's no better time than now to invest in a new kitchen floor. National Floors Direct has over 75 years of floor-covering experience. We'd be delighted to guide you through the best flooring options for your home!

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