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How New Flooring Can Change a Room

The worldwide flooring market will reach $621.54 billion by 2028. The market is growing at a 6.1% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).

Flooring is a key consideration in any home. The floor sets the tone of every room in your house and injects personality while providing comfort underfoot.

There are many innovative new flooring designs you can have at your home. Some of the designs range from reclaimed wood to 3D-effect vinyl.

Nowadays, flooring does not only provide the backdrop to your rooms; it’s now becoming the focal point. Of course, you should consider many elements like durability, design, and beauty.

Keep reading to know the different ways new flooring can change your rooms.

Creating Continuity Between Your Outdoor and Indoor Space Making Rooms Seem Bigger

Flooring will ensure continuity between your exterior and interior space if you have bi-fold doors or a patio. You can have decking outside and wooden boards on the inside, and remember to make the point in a similar direction.

The similar flooring on the patio and living room will make the space projected through the glass even with closed doors. That way, the inside space will feel much bigger.

Even with varying materials or colors, the way you align the boards will create a sense of flow.

Using Vinyl to Bring the Outside In

Bringing plants indoors is a nice way to bring the outdoors indoors. But, you can also enhance that further by using vinyl flooring.

Using vinyl flooring with elements of the great outdoor creates a seamless flow between your outdoors and indoors.

3D designs will change the room in a mind-bending way adding a whole dimension to the flooring. You can incorporate most designs into 3D floors.

Have an Industrial Look With Vinyl Flooring Instead of Concrete

Vinyl is a flooring trend with all things industrial. This year, vinyl has been a contender in interior flooring, but concrete, furniture, and accessories are popular.

But, vinyl is much softer and warmer than actual concrete flooring. If you choose to have concrete flooring, ensure you seal the surface well to avoid moisture penetrating the surface to create mildew.

The industrial style brings together a few trends like vintage chic and metallic. The vinyl flooring allows many designs, including a concept inspired by a vintage 1950s kitchen.

Also, retro designs and bright colors will create an ideal backdrop for a quirky new feel. It’s also possible to match or mix the flooring with contrasting or neutral walls.

Have a Shaker Style Using Reclaimed Flooring

From a traditional point of view, wooden flooring is popular and with good reason. That’s so because the flooring appears attractive and will add warmth to your rooms.

Nowadays, we use reclaimed wood from many sources to create wooden floors. Reclaiming an old floor is beneficial to the environment and may add a unique look since no two floors will look alike.

If you do not wish to change the entire floor, consider transforming floorboards easily. You can do so by using a lick of paint, embracing the Shaker style.

Using plain white floorboards will instantly change the room. But, if that feels a little dull, you can add a touch of various colors, highlighting areas like the fireplace.

Using the Versatility of Vinyl to Get Statement Flooring

You can transfer any image on your vinyl floor. We can add so many designs and patterns to your vinyl flooring.

There are endless design possibilities when using vinyl. In the past, the flooring industry was all about mass production.

You only had to enter the distribution center and select a flooring design from a list of existing designs. That feels dull, and that’s why nowadays, people ask for customization and personalization of their interiors.

Being Classic Using Monochrome Tiles

Classic interior designs have most of their effect from Europe’s grand homes. The designs match the eclectic dark wood furniture enclosed in opulent fabrics.

If you want a traditional look whose influence is from the Victorian era, consider having patterns in monochrome. Grey and cream or white and black are nice for kitchens and amazing for modern interiors.

You can also use colored tiles to inject a Mediterranean twist into your rooms. Classic patterns and shades have their inspiration from the country kitchens of Spain and Italy.

Get a Retro Look Using Patterned Ceramic

You can use ceramic tiles to embrace the industrial and popular retro trends. Retro patterns work well with industrial-style furniture. They incorporate metals and expensive fabrics like leather.

Patterned ceramic tiles will work well in each room, while retro-inspired patterns will give your rooms a better look. Tiles play a starring role in interiors.

The latest flooring trend is to use tiles over the house rather than in the kitchen, hallways, and bathrooms. With so many styles, colors, shapes, and patterns, you will find tiles for every style.

Ceramic Tiles Imitating Wood

You may not want wooden floors in your home. Do not worry; ceramic tiles offer the same wooden look as real wood.

The ceramic tiles have different colors that add a pop of personality to your interiors. You can use ceramic tiles in place of wood t have an ultra-modern finish.

You can also match different flooring patterns.

Consider Installing a New Flooring in Your Home

Now that you know how new flooring can change a room, it’s time to invest in redesigning your interiors. You have many choices to select from to result in a better-looking interior.

A new floor will be an added investment to your home. You will note that some rooms will raise the asking price of your home.

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