Carpet flooring kept clean even with lovable family pets

How to Keep Carpet Clean with Pets

Do you have pets and constantly trying to keep your carpets clean? Check out these helpful tips for how to keep carpet clean when you have pets in your home.

When you have pets you’ll need to do more than just a vacuum to keep your carpets looking new. Cats, dogs and carpet don’t always mix, see below for a handy guide to help.

Not only does your four-legged friend shed but they can also track in dirt and dander. Then there are muddy paws, knocked over drinks, and food to contend with.

From grooming tips to pet-friendly carpet cleaner, we’ve rounded up some life-saving carpet hacks. Here’s everything you need to know about how to keep carpet clean when you have pets.

Create an Entryway

To help protect the carpet from pets, consider creating an entryway in the front or back of your home with wood, vinyl, or laminate flooring. The floor near the door can act as a buffer before your pet’s paws hit the carpet. Your dog can shake, get wiped down, and release any dirt on a surface that’s easily wipeable.

If you’re renovating or ripping up old flooring, now is the perfect time to create a mudroom for your pet. Not only can you leave your soggy boots by the door, but your dog or cat can get their paws dried as well.

Use Doormats and Runners

When you have carpeting and pets, it can really save your flooring if you use doormats and runners in high-traffic areas. The main walkway from your back door through your family room, for example, is a handy place to throw a runner.

Not only are runners more affordable than new carpet, but sometimes they can also be tossed in the washer. Instead of steam cleaning spots on your carpet, just roll up the runner and throw it in the washing machine.

Doormats are also carpet savers. These can be a place to kick off your shoes and catch some of the dirt and debris from your pet’s paws. While they may not wipe them on mats themselves, it can at least catch a little of the mess as they walk over them.

If you like this option, be sure to talk with your flooring installer about remnants and custom made runners.

Make a Mini Dog Cleaning Station

If you do have a mudroom or a laundry room off of your garage, this is a great place to make a dog washing station. If your dog fits in the laundry room sink, you can give them a quick scrub when they’ve gotten into a big mess.

If you don’t have a mudroom and sink available, a small basket of supplies near your doorways will do the trick. Stock the basket with some pet-friendly wipes and a towel. When your dog or cat comes in with muddy paws, you can give them a rub-down to remove any dirt before they step all over your carpets. The towel comes in handy for the inevitable wet-dog shake as well.

You can also consider a custom-built pet cleaning station for your basement or garage, creating a shower like washing area for your pet's weekly baths.

Vacuum Regularly

If vacuuming isn’t on the list of your daily cleaning rituals, consider bumping it up to at least a couple of times a week if you have pets. Even when you can’t see dirt or hair, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Dirt, pet dander, and hair can stick to the fibers of your carpet. These can be particularly harmful if you have asthma or allergies. Vacuum as often as possible to reduce your symptoms.

Steam Clean Your Carpet

When you have pets, you’ll need to more than a vacuum to deep clean your carpet. Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to disinfect and give your carpets a thorough cleaning.

While having a professional clean your carpets may seem expensive, it can save you from having to replace your flooring prematurely. There are also some inexpensive home cleaning systems that you can buy to do it yourself.

If you’re selling your home after living with pets it's a good idea to invest in a professional steam cleaning. You’ll want to remove any pet odors before a move-in inspection.

Be Mindful of Powders

While some carpet cleaning products come in powder form, beware of using these too often. Not only will they not properly clean your carpet, but they can also do more harm than good. Powders can get sniffed up by your pet and inhaled.

These powders can hurt your pet’s nose and cause an allergic reaction in some cases. Always read the label and stick with water and spot treatments for spills instead of powers. After using a powder, make sure to vacuum it before your pet comes into the room.

Keep Your Pet Well-Groomed

Keeping your pet well-groomed can really extend the life of your carpets. If your dog or cat hasn’t been washed in a long time, dander and loose hair can build-up on their coats. Regular washing and brushing will take care of a lot of this.

For shaggier dogs, a professional haircut can also do wonders. Groomers also have special tools to help remove excess pet hair. Keeping their nails clean and trimmed can also help prevent rips and tears in your carpet.

How to Keep Carpet Clean With Pets

Knowing how to keep carpet clean with pets can be overwhelming at times. From pet hair to muddy paws, the constant cleaning can seem never-ending. No one wants to be the house that has cat or dog carpet stains and odors.

When it comes to pet-friendly carpeting, re-think the flooring near your entryways and get creative with a pet washing station. Regular cleaning of your pets and your carpets will keep your home feeling fresh for longer.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your carpet or renovate your home, keep your furry friends in mind as you shop. If you’re ready to get started on your next flooring project, fill out the contact form here to set up a free in-home estimate.