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Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

It is known for its durability, but is vinyl flooring waterproof? The answer to this question is a crucial piece of your decision-making.

Honestly, it could make or break your flooring choice all on its own.

If you would like to know the answer to this question and a few others, keep reading.

Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

Is vinyl flooring waterproof? In short, yes, but there is so much more to this question than you may think.

No flooring is completely resistant to water damage. If your home experienced a flood, or your flooring was covered in significant amounts of water for a long period of time, it would inevitably become damaged.

With that being said, vinyl flooring is made mostly from plastic making it water-resistant. It can handle spills, wet footprints, and moisture easily.

This feature makes vinyl a great option for basements, kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and anywhere else that may come into contact with water or moisture.

Types of Vinyl

Another great feature of vinyl flooring is the wide range of options it offers. You can choose vinyl with a fun pattern or a classic wooden appearance. The choice is all yours.

Knowing the different types of vinyl flooring will help you choose the one that is best for your home and style.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is a style of vinyl that looks identical to hardwood flooring. It is much cheaper and more water-resistant than normal wood flooring. This makes it a good option for homeowners who want a classic floor without breaking the bank.

This flooring is the easiest variation of vinyl flooring to install. It comes in long strips that snap together and cover whatever surface is below it. It does not require any form of adhesive making it very budget-friendly.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Another vinyl flooring option is sheet flooring. Sheet vinyl does not come in planks to snap together. This flooring is one large sheet that is laid on top of your floor.

Sheet vinyl can come in a hardwood pattern, but it also comes in many other unique designs. Some examples of this are checkers, herringbone patterns, and floral shapes.

This style of vinyl is much harder to install than plank flooring. It requires precise cutting and placement. Because of this, it's recommended that you call a flooring company to install it for you.

How to Keep Your Vinyl Floors Clean

Vinyl flooring is extremely durable and easy to clean. But there are still a few things you should try to keep your floors as healthy as possible.

Keeping them in good condition will increase their lifespan. This will allow you to keep your floors years longer than expected.

Use a Doormat

Keeping a doormat in front of any entrances will protect your floors from dirt and gravel. Exposure to these elements will eventually scratch and discolor your vinyl flooring making it appear dirty.

You should also set mats in front of areas you will be standing in a lot. Some examples of this would be in front of your sink or bathtub.

Wiping your feet on a mat before entering a room will save your floors a lot of damage.

Wipe Up Messes

Even though they are waterproof, it is not recommended for you to leave spills sitting on your floors. Not only will the spills be much harder to clean, but they will also require you to use more abrasive cleaning methods to remove them. The harder you scrub your vinyl floors, the more scratched they will become.

Wiping up messes as soon as they happen will prevent you from using any damaging cleaning methods.

Use Felt

When you move your furniture, you are more than likely scratching your floors. Avoid this by placing adhesive felt tips on the bottom of your chair and table legs.

Another thing you should keep in mind is avoiding rolling furniture. You can not place felt tips on these and will damage your floors.

Use a Nylon Brush

As stated earlier, using abrasive cleaning methods will always damage your flooring. If you do need to use a brush to clean a mess off of your floors, use a nylon one. These are softer than most brushes and will keep you from ruining your vinyl flooring.

Even though the nylon brush is soft, it can still scratch your floors if you press too hard; remember not to scrub too hard.

Use Your Broom

Leaving dust and dirt on your floors will remove its shiny topcoat. This will give it an aged or disheveled appearance. It will also make the floor much more time-consuming to clean.

The best way to prevent this is to clean your floors daily. You can do this by sweeping, vacuuming, or running a mop over it.

Buy Your Vinyl Flooring

Now that your questions have been answered, and you are no longer wondering, "Is vinyl flooring waterproof?", all you need to do is buy the vinyl flooring that fits you.

If you are looking for a flooring company to install the vinyl of your choice, National Floors Direct is the place for you. We have dozens of vinyl flooring options coming in a variety of colors and patterns.

Our team of professionals is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. View our selection of vinyl floors and find answers to your questions today.

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