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The Best Home Office Flooring Options In 2020

Current events have caused everyone to rethink the importance of their at-home office setup. These days, you spend more time in your home office than ever before.

For that reason, people are starting to realize the value of renovating their home office to their liking. It can have a more professional feel and inspire them as they go about their day. If you feel comfortable in the space you're in, you'll look forward to it more.

See below for several office flooring options that you should consider for your home office. They each bring their benefits and sense of style.

1. Carpet

While carpet might not be the first flooring option that comes to mind for your home office, it should certainly be on the list. It's durable, hides its dirt, and can add a comfortable vibe to your office quarters.

The different color options are one of the most intriguing aspects. You can find a carpet that matches virtually any aesthetic that you're trying to achieve.

What might surprise you is that there are many different types of carpet to choose from. If you're looking to separate your office from the rest of your house, then find a flooring option that's unique to it.

You have cut pile carpet that's made of durable fiber and yarns that are highly twisted. It can come in either textured plush, Saxony, or velvet plush for a classic look that cleans extremely well.

Next, you have a loop pile carpet which offers the feel of commercial flooring. It comes in a multitude of different patterns and colors that will blend perfectly with your preferred wall color.

If you're looking for something entirely unique, then you might consider frieze carpet, which offers a curly texture and a shag feel. It comes in a variety of colors and protects from marks left by footprints, desk chairs, and so on.

2. Hardwood

For those of you that are looking to create a majestic study room, hardwood flooring is where you need to be. It offers a beautiful aesthetic that no other flooring material can match, lasts for decades, and comes in many different shades and types of wood.

Hardwood flooring is also very low maintenance. Unlike carpet, it doesn't require you to clean it all that often. Even when you do, cleaning it will only take a few minutes each time.

You'll get a kick out of having the natural lighting hit your hardwood floors when you walk into your home office every morning. You can also slide around in your desk chair without worrying about damaging the material of your floor.

Hardwood flooring lasts longer than any other flooring material. While other materials need to be replaced every decade or so, you can extend the life of hardwood floors by refinishing it every so often.

Choose from a variety of hardwood flooring options such as cherry, maple, oak, hickory, or walnut. Pick the shade that you're trying to accomplish to enjoy those magical hardwood floors for years (decades) to come.

3. Luxury Vinyl

Perhaps you're looking for a hybrid look. You enjoy the majestic feel of hardwood, but you also want something that can give off the look of stone or tile. If so, then luxury vinyl is the way to go.

It gives you a variety of options with the flooring pattern, design, color, stain, and even the grout lines. You can opt for something more regal or stick to a subtle luxury vinyl option and let your walls do the talking.

It's easy to maintain and can take on the high traffic of a home office space. You can walk in and out of the home office without feeling like you're sabotaging the flooring.

You can use luxury vinyl to achieve a modern look, classic look, or somewhere in between. Be sure to speak with a flooring expert to reiterate what vibe you're looking for and how luxury vinyl can help you achieve it.

For those of you that are looking for a more budget-friendly or practical installation than hardwood, you should strongly consider luxury vinyl. It can give off a wood, stone, or tile aesthetic that your visitors will marvel at.

4. Laminate

Last, but certainly not least, you have laminate flooring. It's known for being a less expensive flooring type and can still help you achieve the look of your preferred material.

You can get floors that look like high-quality hardwood floors at a lower cost.

Laminate flooring is also noteworthy because of how long it can last. It features an aluminum oxide coating on the top that can protect it from scratches and staining. Perfect for the home office user that's always on the go.

Maybe you're wanting to create a life-changing home office setup but don't have much of a budget to work with. If so, speak to a flooring expert about their laminate flooring options.

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