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The Different Types of Office Carpet

The US carpet and rug market was estimated to be worth $10.3 billion in 2021. While hardwoods and luxury vinyls may be popular in homes, in the workplace, office carpet still rules the roost. It's comfortable underfoot, hardwearing, and relatively easy to keep clean.

But is it really the best commercial flooring option for you? And if you're planning a major remodel for your office, what type of office carpet is best?

Let's take a deep dive into the different types of commercial flooring available so you can get a carpet that fills the bill. 

Types of Commercial Flooring

There are three main players in commercial flooring - carpet, hardwood, and luxury vinyl.

Commercial hardwood is a luxurious option that suits high-end boutiques and office spaces. It's very durable and engineered options are highly resistant to scratches and scrapes. However, it also comes with a luxury price tag. 

Commercial luxury vinyl is great for settings where waterproofing is important. This includes sports and medical facilities and restaurants. It can handle heavy foot traffic and is an affordable alternative to hardwood.

But when you want a hardwearing and affordable option, office carpeting wins hands-down. It's suitable for classrooms, offices, and retail spaces. It helps with sound absorption which is perfect in busy spaces.

People coming to work day in, day out will appreciate that it's kind to their feet and legs. If you have to stand all day, office carpet may help to combat fatigue.

Office Carpeting Options

The differences in office flooring come down to the materials they are made from. Each type has its pros and cons. It's important to think about how your business premises are used to make the right choice. 

Key considerations include:

  • Fire resistance
  • Allergy considerations
  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Ease of stain removal

There is no ideal solution so you will need to choose one that on balance suits your office the best. 

Wool Fiber Office Carpeting

Wool has got a lot going for it. It's not just great for flooring for offices but it's also a sustainable choice.

According to the International Wool Trade Organization, it's eco-friendly. It has a minimal impact on the environment. Plus, it releases very few volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can impact air quality in the office. 

It's a very durable natural material and has a natural resistance to stains and dirt. It'll stand up to years of foot traffic and cleaning. Wool carpets are also comfortable underfoot and lend a luxurious feel to any office.

The downside? 100% wool carpet is expensive. It's also prone to fading when exposed to sunlight and needs proper care and maintenance to keep it in good condition.

That's why many businesses opt for a wool blend. It gives you some of the benefits while reducing some of the drawbacks.

Wool Blend Office Carpet

Carpet manufacturers can blend wool with synthetic fibers. The most common are nylon and polyester and this creates durable office flooring options. They're less expensive and are still attractive and hardwearing. 

Wool blend carpets retain some of the great qualities of wool, such as its stain resistance and warmth. The higher the wool percentage, the more you'll experience these benefits. But they are less finicky to keep clean and maintain, making them a very practical choice for busy workplaces.

Different blends have different characteristics so it's important to research them to find the right one for your setting. For example, wool and nylon blends are common and hardwearing. However, wool and polyester blends may be better suited to areas with heavy footfall.

Synthetic Carpet Fibers

There are three main types of synthetic carpet fibers available. They are nylon, olefin, and polyester.

Nylon Carpets

The best type of nylon carpet for commercial flooring is solution-dyed nylon. This offers good fade resistance which other forms may not. It is also able to bounce back time and time again - great for high-traffic areas.

It offers good stain resistance and stands up well to hot water cleaning methods. It's not too soft underfoot so if that matters you may want to look into other options. It's known as the most durable synthetic carpet material and for that reason, it is usually the most expensive.

Olefin Carpets

Another common office carpeting option is olefin. This synthetic fiber is not as durable as wool or nylon. It won't bounce back and will lose its shape over time.

This makes it best for low-traffic areas. However, it's relatively inexpensive and is highly stain resistant.

Polyester Carpets

The final pure synthetic option is polyester. It can be made from recycled plastics, making it a more sustainable choice. Plus, it's soft and can have a luxurious appearance. 

The downside is that it has poor crush resistance. After having heavy desks or chairs on it, it will go flat and stay flat.

Synthetic Blends

Like wool blends, synthetic blends provide the best of both worlds - if you choose the fibers carefully. Nylon and polyester blends are generally considered to be the best and can be a more cost-effective option. 

Other Office Carpet Considerations

As well as investigating the material, the style of the carpet also makes a difference.

Many commercial carpets use low-density loop piles. They're very hardwearing and smooth but they're not as plush underfoot as other options. This makes them great for busy lobbies and classrooms.

Tufted carpet is America's most common type of carpet and is famous for being hardwearing and retaining its looks. It's a little kinder to the feet but is still not a plush option.

A woven carpet is great for areas where you need a more luxurious feel underfoot. For example, hotel rooms, where guests may walk around barefoot need to have relatively soft, forgiving carpets. With good care, they can still last for ten years or more.

Choose National Floors Direct for Office Carpet

The best office carpet suits the needs of your workplace and your budget. In general, wool blend, nylon, and nylon polyester blends are the most attractive and durable. 

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