Vinyl flooring installation

The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Flooring Installation

Using luxury vinyl flooring is an easy way to mimic the look of wood at a much lower cost. Because of this, many homeowners choose this material when they are renovating their homes.

While there are many other benefits of using vinyl flooring over other flooring materials, there are some drawbacks as well.

Do you want to learn more about whether or not you should install new vinyl floors in your home? Keep reading this guide for the top pros and cons of vinyl flooring installation.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring materials on the market. Because it is similar to wood floors at a lower cost, many homeowners on a budget choose this material. Here are some of the top pros of vinyl flooring.

Easy Installation

One of the best benefits of using vinyl flooring is that it is really easy to install. Many homeowners even choose to install vinyl flooring on their own to save a bit of money. One reason why vinyl flooring is so simple to install is that it is installed as a floating floor.

The planks simply click and lock together to stay in place. You can also install this flooring over existing floors, which means you don't have to remove the original floors before installation.

Even if you hire a company to install your vinyl flooring, it will be a fast and efficient project.


Another great benefit of using vinyl flooring in your home is that it is affordable. It is one of the most economical and budget-friendly flooring options available. Even though it looks much like natural wood flooring, it is a fraction of the cost.

Because it is so easy to install, you will also save money on installation and labor costs. Finally, vinyl flooring is easy and inexpensive to maintain, so you will save even more money in the long run.


Many homeowners choose vinyl flooring because it is water-resistant and may even be waterproof. this makes it a great option for any area of your home, even including wet areas like a laundry room, bathroom, and kitchen.

On the other hand, you could not install real wood floors in these areas without worrying about water damage and warped floorboards.

Because vinyl flooring is water-resistant, it also makes it a great option for people with pets or children. If there are any accidents on your floor, you can easily clean them up without worrying about damage.

Comes in Many Styles

Vinyl flooring also comes in many styles and patterns. As was mentioned before, most people choose vinyl flooring because it looks like wood floors. However, luxury vinyl tile can be made to look like many other natural materials, like marble and other types of stone.

Regardless of your style preferences, you can find vinyl flooring that fits your needs.

Easy Maintenance

Finally, vinyl floors will last a long time if you take care of them properly. Plus, they have easy maintenance, so it is easy to keep your floors in good shape.

Because vinyl is water-resistant, you can use water and other cleaners without worrying about damaging your floors. Just make sure you avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbers, as this will damage the surface of your vinyl floors.

Drawbacks of Vinyl Floors

While vinyl floors are a great option for homeowners on a budget, there are still a few drawbacks that you should consider before choosing your flooring materials. Here are some of the top cons of vinyl flooring.

Not Great for Resale Value

First, vinyl is not the best option for resale value. This is mainly due to perception, not because it isn't a high-quality material. While it may not hurt your resale value, it will not likely help your resale value.

If you are replacing your flooring simply to improve the value of your home, you may want to consider installing real hardwood floors.

Less Durable

Next, vinyl floors are not quite as durable as other flooring materials. While it is water-resistant and great for many areas of your home, it is not impact-resistant or scratch-resistant. If you have heavy furniture, this can damage your flooring.

People with large dogs also need to clip their nails regularly to prevent them from scratching the surface of the vinyl flooring.

Tough to Remove in Some Cases

In some cases, you can install vinyl flooring using an adhesive. While this makes it easy to install, it can also make it difficult to remove in some cases. Still, removing vinyl does not require the help of a professional or any special tools.

To prevent this problem, it is best to use the click and lock installation process.

Not Eco-Friendly

Finally, vinyl floors may be a bad option for the environment. Although it prevents deforestation, vinyl flooring is not recyclable and is often made with toxic ingredients.

While there are other eco-friendly flooring materials that are greener, you can still find ways to lessen the environmental impact of your vinyl flooring. Plus, there are some types of vinyl flooring that are made with recycled materials.

Looking for Vinyl Flooring Installation?

When you are installing new floors for your home, vinyl flooring is a great option. It provides homeowners with the appearance of wood floors at a fraction of the cost and is still quite durable.

While there are still a few drawbacks to vinyl flooring, it is overall one of the most high-quality flooring materials. Are you looking for a company to help with vinyl flooring installation?

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