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The Top Carpet Colors in 2022

Some things never go out of style, and the feeling of a good carpet under bare feet is one of them. After a long day on your feet, kicking your shoes off and relaxing is made all the better once you’ve got the perfect carpeting down.

The decision of which carpet color to choose can be tricky though!

If you’ve decided that your hardwood or linoleum flooring is lacking the comfort and aesthetic you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place! Read on for some ideas and considerations to help you choose a carpet you’ll love for years to come.

Types of Carpet

Before you start worrying over the perfect color, it’s worth giving some thought to the type of carpet that will fit your family's needs and lifestyle. Depending on what you’re looking for in terms of comfort, durability, and where exactly in the home you’ll be carpeting, there are ideal types for your individual needs. There are a couple of commonly used terms worth knowing to describe the differences between one carpet and another.

Face weight is the total weight of the fibers per square yard, heavier generally means more durable and less prone to flattening. Pile height describes the length of the visible fibers, lower heights are commonly chosen for higher footfall areas. Stain resistance is an important factor and if you’ve got children or pets you may want to consider a polyester, wool, or nylon carpet as they’re easier to clean than their acrylic counterparts.

Padding is also an important consideration. Similar to the materials and length of fibers, padding will have a direct effect on feel and longevity. An easy rule of thumb to follow is less padding for high-traffic areas and higher padding for bedrooms and spaces where comfort is a priority.

Carpet Color Options

Carpeting is available in every color you can think of, from stunning primary colors to more subdued grays and browns. Whether you’re looking to make a statement or would prefer your carpet to go unremarked upon, there are plenty of options to choose from. The color you choose will make a big impact on the ambiance of the room it’s laid in, so considering the connotations of your color choice is key.

If you’d prefer not to go for a solid color, blends of natural colors can help to draw the eye away from potential stubborn stains. A pure white or cream carpet certainly helps to promote a luxuriant feel, but you might have to ban your children from eating in the living room for fear of the obvious.

Speckled blends of two to three colors promote a comfortable natural feel, even going some way to mimic the natural beauty of a sandy beach or the verdancy of nature's grasses. If the idea of unnatural colors isn’t for you, there’s no shortage of lower-key options to consider. 

The Best Carpet Colors

If the goal is to pick a color that will complement your existing decor and furniture, consider matching the tones of the room. Tones matched as closely as possible will blend nicely together. Picking a color that doesn’t currently exist in the space will offset and highlight your design choices.

The most popular carpet colors are black and dark variants and for good reason. Black and dark gray carpets are found ubiquitously wherever carpeting is the flooring of choice. They also stand up to stains well, accentuate more vibrant decor choices, and will never go out of style.

If you’re a dog lover, it might be worth going dark, too. Mucky paws won’t play nicely with an immaculate white carpet, and nor will shedding season. If there’s a canine in the family, it could be worth considering a carpet that will camouflage the endless supply of dog hairs!

How to Choose a Carpet

Choosing a carpet is as simple as giving some thought about what’s most likely to come into contact with it, and how often. The benefits of carpet are many, and won’t change much depending on color alone.

If your family is the type to enjoy lounging around on the floor watching a film for example, then a thicker shag with a darker color could be just the ticket. The idea is to choose based on what will last the longest while getting the most out of it. In this case, comfort and ease of cleaning will come towards the top of the list of requirements.

If you’re the type to put looks first and are entertaining thoughts of cultivating a luxuriant feel for your personal space, a thicker carpet with a lighter color suggests a certain opulence and panache. Conversely, if you’re simply looking for a durable floor covering that will stand the test of time while blending into the background, a simple pattern or speckled design will serve you well.

Express Yourself

Whichever color you decide to go with, have some fun with it! Personalizing your home can be a rewarding experience, so don’t stress too much about current trends or let yourself be influenced by friends and family. This is your home, don’t be afraid to express your vision and exercise a little imagination along the way.

If this article helped you feel a little more confident about choosing a carpet color, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to ask if you’ve got any questions about our flooring products and services, it would be our pleasure to help you out!