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Timeless Flooring Designs That Never Go out of Style

Install a timeless flooring type in your home that never goes out of style. Take a look at these top classic floor types that will always look amazing.

If you're looking to liven up your home, then you might be considering things like painting the walls or installing new lighting fixtures.

However, nothing changes up the vibe in a room more than installing new flooring inside of it.

Perhaps you just purchased a house and are looking for flooring that makes it feel more like you're home, instead of those that had it before you.

Whatever the case might be, there are several designs that have stood the test of time.

Here are several timeless flooring designs that you'll fall in love with and that will never go out of style!

1. Hardwood Flooring

Seriously... what's better than hardwood flooring? It's beautiful, it's durable, and it never goes out of style.

Not to mention all of your friends, family, and neighbors aspire to have it, so you'll have your entire network envying your home's flooring design.

Hardwood is soft enough to walk on with comfort in your bare feet, unlike stone flooring which doesn't have any give to it.

Many people get wide-eyed at the initial cost of hardwood, but they shouldn't. After all, a hardwood floor can last up to twenty-five years! Not to mention that they can be refinished up to 10 times.

So, not only will your hardwood floors last more than two decades, you can keep them looking fresh that entire time.

Most other flooring options would look less-than-satisfactory after 20 years, but refinished hardwood will look as healthy as the day you first installed it. Be sure to reach out to a trusted hardwood flooring installation company for more information.

2. Luxury Vinyl in Patterns

For many people, vinyl can be a perfect mesh between cost-effective material while capturing that hardwood or tile look that you're going for.

Better yet, it has several different flooring aesthetics for you to choose from, so you can change up the mood in any room.

What's even more eye-opening for people walking into your house would be the pattern that you arrange your luxury tile into. You could invest in vinyl with a wood appearance and have it arranged in a diagonal or zig-zag pattern.

This gives you the opportunity to stand out from all your other neighbors and friends that have luxury vinyl flooring. You could even make it look like tile patterns on your bathroom and kitchen floors.

The new patterns will have your guest's jaws dropping to the floor when they see it for the first time. The design will wear nicely for the foreseeable future!

3. White and Black

White and black create the perfect contrast for whatever you place it on. The two colors mesh together perfectly, while also creating definitive lines between their separation.

That's why black and white have been used for flooring designs for a long time. While the designs and symbols on certain black and white flooring has changed, it remains a preference for a lot of people.

If you're looking for a way to separate your bathroom or kitchen as it's own space within your house, then take a break from the carpet or hardwood and lay down black and white vinyl.

You can then paint all of your cabinetry white and add solid black metal kitchen hardware throughout. Then you can choose between black and steel appliances to complete the look.

4. Specified Rooms of Carpet

Carpet is handy. Carpet is efficient. Carpet helps your home look cleaner than it actually is. Needless to say, it's a major asset!

While it's completely understandable that you might not want carpet throughout your entire house, carpet can be a tremendous help to the places of high traffic within your home.

For example, the living room or kids' bedrooms can be a fantastic place to install beige or grey carpeting.

One of the biggest drawbacks of having a harder flooring surface throughout your home is that all the gathered dust becomes visible. With carpet, it becomes far less visible and makes your child's room look more in-tact than it actually is.

5. Multi-Colored Laminate Flooring

So... you're going for a wood flooring look but don't have the budget to install hardwood flooring.

How can you achieve a cabin-style look on your flooring without investing in the hardwood option? Enter laminate flooring here.

Laminate flooring is made from pressed wood, so it will be more durable and less likely to scratch and tear. Also, it's moisture-resistant and is relatively easy to keep clean, needing no extra maintenance.

One of the best options for laminate flooring is the Garrett English Biscotti, which will offer three different shades of wood color in each room.

It's perfect for those of you that like the idea of floor patterns, but don't want to pay the extra costs of installation. Better yet, when laid out, the multi-colored look will appear organized, yet simultaneous.

It's the perfect solution for your living room flooring need because it's durable, requires no extra maintenance, and is among the most attractive floor designs you'll find anywhere.

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