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Top Questions to Ask When Hiring Flooring Services

Are you planning on redoing your home's flooring? It's a fantastic way to increase the equity of your property. Furthermore, the right flooring can add visual appeal, class, and comfort to a home. 

The question is, are you going to do it yourself or hire professional flooring services. Sure, you could do it yourself, but if you're like most homeowners, you probably lack the proper tools and expertise to complete the job to perfection. In this case, you'll probably end up disappointed with the overall finish. 

Instead, consider hiring a professional flooring company that will get the job done right. But how do you choose the best one?

Keep reading for the top questions to ask to ensure you're getting the best flooring services for your needs. 

What Type of Flooring Options Do You Have?

First, most homeowners have a pretty good idea of what type of flooring they want for their homes. After all, the flooring you choose will affect your budget, the equity of your home, the interior aesthetics of your home, and your overall comfort. 

Find a flooring company that provides the best options. These include carpet flooringhardwood flooringlaminate flooring, and luxury vinyl flooring

What Are Your Qualifications?

If a flooring company has the right type of flooring, the next step is finding out more about their qualifications. Is the business comprised of licensed flooring contractors? What kind of training is required?

What about employee background checks? If the contractors are going to be in your home and around your family, you need to be sure they can be trusted. 

Are You Insured?

When hiring flooring services to come into your home, tear out your old floors, and install new ones, it's vital that they carry insurance. Professional liability insurance will provide the necessary coverage if something in your home is accidentally damaged. 

For example, if a flooring contractor accidentally knocks out one of your windows or accidentally backs into your car, their liability insurance will provide compensation. 

Do You Have Online Reviews I Can Look At?

No matter what product or service you're looking at, reading online reviews from other customers is a great way to verify the brand or company in question. When looking for a flooring service, customer reviews will tell you a lot regarding:

  • Flooring martial quality
  • Workmanship quality
  • Customer service skills
  • Communication skills
  • Efficiency
  • Professionalism
  • And more
As you might have guessed, you should only hire a company or flooring contractor that has a long list of positive reviews. A good reputation among consumers provides credibility and trust. For example, National Floors Direct has over 2,000 reviews with a 4.9-star rating.

Will You Give Me a Free Quote for Your Services?

As a responsible homeowner, you've learned by now that owning a home can be expensive. You have your annual maintenance and repair costs, which usually equate to about 1% of your home's total value. 

On top of that, you have HOA fees, property taxes, utility bills, and services (like cable and internet). Therefore, it's only natural to want to save money when putting in new flooring. 

As such, we recommend getting a free estimate of your costs before choosing flooring services. This way, you can identify your most affordable options. 

However, you should also ask the flooring company about their financing options. If you're redoing all the floors in your house, you might not be able to pay for it all upfront. Even if you have the money in your bank account, you might not feel comfortable dropping it all at once on new floors. 

What is Your Availability?

When you're looking for a flooring contractor to help you redo your floors, it's probably because you have goals. In some cases, these goals are time-sensitive. You might want to update your flooring before guests arrive or to get your house ready for the market. 

In situations like these, you need to ensure the flooring service you hire is reasonably available. They might not be able to drop everything and come to your home the same day, but it shouldn't take them several weeks to get back to you with a quote. 

If the company is booked out for several months, you might need to find another flooring company. You shouldn't have to wait several months to get your floors redone. 

Do Your Materials and Services Come With a Guarantee?

The quality of the services your hire or the products you purchase should be guaranteed. If you're searching for a "flooring company near me," find out about their material warranties and workmanship guarantees. 

The flooring materials you choose for your home should be able to hold up to normal wear and tear. They should also be without defects. 

Similarly, if you're hiring professional flooring contractors to install your new flooring, they should deliver professional results. Anything less is unacceptable and should be remediated free of cost to you.  

How Long Should the Project Take From Start to Finish?

Planning a big home renovation can be stressful. Even if you aren't concerned about the money, remodeling your home is a bit of an inconvenience, no matter how amazing the final outcome is. 

It's important to ask the flooring services you hire how long they expect the project to take. Once the project is started, your home will be torn apart. Some areas might be inaccessible. 

Naturally, you'll want the project to be completed as soon as possible so your household can go back to normal. While a flooring contractor may not be able to guarantee a timeline, they should give you an estimate. This should be included in the contract. 

Looking for Reliable and Affordable Flooring Services?

New floors can completely change the aesthetics and feel of your house. It can liven up any home, regardless of how old it is. If you're planning on putting in new flooring, hiring the right company can make all the difference. 

The fight flooring services will be able to provide the right materials, professional workmanship, and everything else listed in this article. Reach out to us today to get a free in-home estimate. We would love to work with you and help you update your home.