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What Are the Best Flooring Options for My New Kitchen?

The kitchen needs a floor that is going to withstand pasta night. Consider these kitchen flooring options for your home for durability and sustainability.

The American homeowner spends an average of more than $20,000 when remodeling the kitchen. Replacing old cabinets and countertops can dramatically alter the room. There are many exciting changes you can make. One of the most difficult parts about renovating a kitchen, however, is picking out the floor.

Continue reading to discover all of the types of kitchen flooring materials you can use in your home!

1. Rustic Wood

One of the most popular kitchen flooring materials to use for a rustic look is wood.

You can purchase a variety of different woods ranging from light to dark reds and browns. Our hardwood flooring is durable and sophisticated. You can select your favorite stains and customize your home with beautiful wood panels. If you are looking to lighten up your kitchen and make it look larger, our white wood flooring it a perfect choice.

Going with wood flooring is an excellent idea if you want to go for a rustic look. Both country and modern homes can benefit from a unique touch of wood and complement other areas of the house. Wood is a classic floor material to get because it adds warmth and comfort to the home. Walking on the wood is comfortable and can be covered with rugs in wanted areas. Typically, wood floors connect throughout the house and are not just in one room. Rustic wood is low-maintenance and often has a nice finish to help protect the panels from being damaged.

A good reason to choose our wood flooring is that it's easy to clean and adds character to any kitchen. There are so many colors, grains, and styles to choose from when you go with wood.

2. Laminate Tiles

There are a couple of reasons why you should get laminate tiles for your new kitchen.

They are the most popular choice in restaurant kitchens and are a durable option. Laminate tiles are typically strong and come in a variety of styles. Depending on the look you want, you can get glazed or unfinished tiles. The glazed options appear to have a gel coating over the top that helps keep colors fresh and vibrant. Unfinished tiles can dull over time but are more slip-resistant.

If you were hoping for hardwood floors but decided it was out of your budget or couldn't get them, our laminate tiles are sure to please you. The old white and black tiles are a thing of the past and now you can get laminate tiles of many different styles. You won't have to worry about finding a style that matches your dream kitchen design. This flooring can handle heavy foot traffic while still looking good! Wood pattern laminate tiles are a popular choice because they are budget-friendly and easy to install. The laminate flooring industry was worth more than $900 million in the United States in 2018. This is a preferred flooring material chosen among homeowners and businesses.

Reach out to our team to learn more about laminate floor samples, you'll be one step closer to your dream.

3. Luxury Vinyl Panels

Luxury vinyl panels are a perfect option if you are looking to recreate the look of wood or tile.

Our vinyl flooring has much more to offer than standard options and can provide a more luxurious look. Browse samples to compare which vinyl will look best with your preferred decor and styles. You can find vinyl flooring in many different colors and patterns, making it a superior choice. These panels resemble real wood and granite while providing a softer flooring option for standing in the kitchen.

Many people choose vinyl for the kitchen because it is easy to clean and has a neat look. Not only is vinyl waterproof, but its also stainproof! Your life will be much easier with this type of flooring and it's easy to install. This type of flooring is durable and able to handle multiple people in the kitchen. With its smooth surface, you will be able to wipe up any mess and not have to worry about major damage.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance floor material, vinyl might be the best option.

4. Carpet

If you like to live life on the wild side, you might consider getting carpeting in your kitchen.

This is a risky decision but, based on your lifestyle and eating habits, it may work for you! Living in a home with plenty of carpets can help keep you warm and comfortable, no matter where you are. Why should the kitchen be excluded? There are many types of carpet that you can choose from for your kitchen and some are easier to clean than others. A carpet that isn't shagged is perfect for the kitchen. You won't need slippers or thick rugs to stand on while you are cooking for the day.

Carpets will provide you more support and comfort than any other type of flooring.

Take a Walk on Your New Kitchen Flooring

If you are planning on or have already begun remodeling the kitchen, flooring will be a big decision.

By utilizing this guide, you can select the best kitchen flooring for your home and needs. The floors shouldn't be an afterthought on your remodeling project. Instead, they can be an inspiration to develop the entire room. Whether you are looking for a more rustic look with wood or want to go with a traditional tile, there are many options in between.

Be sure to check out National Floors Direct to get your free in-home estimate so that you can start walking on your new floors!