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What Will Be the Top Flooring Trends of 2022?

Installing new floors can be quite an investment, so it's important that your new flooring is stylish and practical. Those looking to sell their homes in the next year also need to update their flooring, as it can make or break a sale.

2021 saw the rise of engineered wood and terracotta tiles. It was also a great year for natural hues and sophisticated concrete floors.

Of course, flooring trends continue to evolve with the times. As the calendar turns to 2022, homeowners looking to tackle home renovation projects should expect some exciting new developments in flooring.

What will be this year's hottest flooring options? Keep reading to find out.

Parquet Flooring

Wood floors seemingly never go out of style, but this particular style of wood flooring was considered dated just a few years ago. Now, it's expected to be one of the top flooring trends of 2022.

Traditional parquet flooring is a wood floor with thin slats arranged in a geometric pattern. Modern parquet floors make use of wood tiles to achieve the same aesthetic. It's much easier to lay than these tiles than to painstakingly lay small slats one at a time.

Herringbone is typically the most popular style of parquet flooring, but you can expect to see a number of different patterns crop up this year. 

Patterned Wood

Parquet isn't the only stylized wood flooring on the rise in 2022. Anticipate seeing the trend of patterned wood of all kinds dominate this year.

Slats laid diagonally figure to the be the trendiest choice, but herringbone designs will give them a run for their money.

Those installing hardwood floors are already making a considerable investment in new flooring, and these patterns are a way to make their design choices stand out from the crowd.  

Laminate Flooring

Long considered a budget option for those who wanted to replicate the look of wood floors, laminate flooring is slated to take off in 2022. These floors are cost-effective, easy to install, and highly durable.

Today's laminate flooring features a number of colors and finishes, from oak to cherry, but gray is the color of choice for 2022. This neutral color meshes well with all sorts of interior aesthetics and is the perfect neutral backdrop for a home.

As for designs, expect to see laminate mimic the trends of wood floors. Diagonal lines and geometric patterns are all the rage this year.

Semi-gloss will likely be the finish of choice in the most stylish homes, taking the mantle from high-gloss finishes. High-gloss laminate is prone to dulling and unsightly scratches, so opting for a semi-gloss finish offers you the stylish look you desire while being more durable.

High-pile Carpet

While it may evoke memories of Disco-era shag carpeting, you can be sure that 2022's high pile carpeting will be as stylish as it is comfortable. Today, homeowners look to plush high pile carpet for the coziness they provide.

Both muted Earth tones and bright colors will be everywhere when shopping for high pile carpeting, as the trends shift away from the stark, modern look that dominated previous years.

Bleached Wood

While many love the dark natural hues of hardwood, that look isn't for everyone. This is especially true if you desire a more modern-looking interior.

For those homeowners, bleached wood is a stylish option. This whitened wood looks perfect in many modern homes and can make a room feel larger and more open.

To whiten the wood, craftsmen apply a bleach-based chemical to strip the wood of its natural hue. A few darker spots remain, serving as an attractive contrast to the white color.

Reclaimed Wood Tiles

In recent years, reclaimed wood flooring exploded in popularity. Homeowners sought the look of hardwood but found that repurposing wood from torn-down barns and other structures provided a similar aesthetic at a lower cost. Faux-wood tiling also became trendy for a similar reason.

In 2022, expect these two trends to merge. Reclaimed wood tiles offer that rustic look many homeowners are looking for without breaking the bank.

Thanks to advances in flooring manufacturing technology, these wood tiles replicate the look of actual wood. They even offer a similar level of durability at a lower cost without the need for finishing. 

Natural Stone

Stone lends natural beauty to the interior of any home. As design trends shift to warmer color palettes, natural stone is an obvious choice to complement those colors.

Stone is often expensive to purchase but can cut into virtually any shape. It's also strong and relatively easy to clean, so it's a practical choice in addition to being trendy.

Marble is the most popular stone flooring material, but its high price may put off some homeowners. A more reasonable option is granite, which is valued for its durability. Granite is perfect for high-traffic areas and stands up to water quite well.


While concrete floors aren't ideal for some homes, they're gaining momentum heading into 2022. This highly durable flooring option comes in a wide range of colors, so the design choices are endless.

In addition to being trendy, concrete is also incredibly practical. It'll last a long time, is water-resistant when properly sealed, and is fairly easy to install.


Terrazzo may be the most eye-catching flooring trend in 2022. This Venetian-inspired flooring technique is traditionally composed of natural stone and glass held in place by a cement-like compound. Today, the terrazzo style is created with tile. 

If you're really looking to make your floors stand out, you can't go wrong with terrazzo. It can even serve as both indoor and outdoor flooring.

Flooring Trends Installed by the Best

Moving into 2022, wood designs figure to be at the top of the list of flooring trends. Look forward to seeing plenty of parquet flooring and other geometric wood designs.

Whether you're renovating your floors to keep up with the trends or replacing old, worn-out flooring, you need a flooring contractor you can trust. With several decades worth of experience in the flooring industry, National Floors Direct is ready to help you. Schedule an appointment today.