Hexagon Tile

9 Tips for Choosing Modern Hexagon Tile Bathroom Flooring

Installing modern tile flooring is a great way to create a unique aesthetic in your home. According to Floor Covering News, tile flooring has seen a significant market increase over the last few years.

If you're currently looking at new bathroom flooring options, consider installing hexagon tile for a bold look.

Read on for a list of nine helpful tips that'll show you how to choose the best modern hexagon tile bathroom flooring for your needs.

1. Make Sure it's Waterproof

While there are lots of fantastic modern flooring options available, your brand-new hexagon tile must be completely waterproof. Look for flooring that won't allow any moisture to penetrate it for long-term reliability.

Aside from the kitchen and basement, your bathroom is the wettest room of the home. Opting for sleek hexagon tile constructed of durable, waterproof materials will keep your floors looking new for years to come.

Not only is quality waterproof tile flooring resistant to water, but it's also easy to clean. This means you'll get a sleek, modern update for your bathroom without the high maintenance.

2. Look at Different Materials

Just like other tile shapes, hexagon tile comes in a wide range of materials to choose from. Ceramic, porcelain, and marble are all excellent choices for a sleek bathroom remodel.

In terms of price, ceramic tile tends to be the most affordable, followed by porcelain. Marble and other forms of natural stone will cost more, but this material also adds an elevated, high-end look to the space.

Try to get a few different tile samples before you make a final decision. That way, you can see how the tile feels, how it looks in natural light, and how it will look once it's finally installed in your bathroom.

3. Modern Hexagon Tile Bathroom Finishes

Aside from the material, you'll want to consider the finish of your new tile. A matte finish tile works great in bathrooms since it offers a less slippery surface than shiny or polished tile.

Honed marble is another good option since it has natural anti-slip properties to help prevent injuries. If you're installing the tile in other areas, like the shower walls, you can opt for something a bit slicker and smoother.

4. Go Bold with Large Hexagon Tiles

As you peruse the variety of hexagon tile floor materials, finishes, and sizes, large hexagon tile is a show-stopping choice. This option works best in larger bathrooms that have plenty of floor space.

Not only does a large modern hexagon tile bathroom look interesting to the eye, but it's also easier to clean than smaller tiles. That's because you'll have much fewer grout lines to contend with whenever you clean the floors.

If you're installing large hexagon tile in a powder room or a half-bath, it can make the space look more open. Make sure you consider the size of the tile and bathroom carefully so it doesn't look out of proportion once it's in the room.

5. Choose Classic White Tile

White is a versatile, classic color that makes any room look sophisticated. Install white hexagon tile in your bathroom to give it a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

As long as the tile is completely waterproof and properly sealed, you shouldn't have to worry about marks or stains. Install large white hexagon tile on the floors, then add a smaller version on the bathroom walls or in the shower for a textural vibe.

Another perk to choosing white tile is that it makes things easier whenever you want to change things. If you decide to install new faucets and fixtures later, they'll easily coordinate with your white tile.

6. Get Creative with Fun Patterns

Hexagon tile makes it easy to create a variety of unique tile floor patterns. Combine black and white tiles to design a fun and funky pattern on your bathroom floor.

You don't have to stick with black and white to make this design look unique. Look at an assortment of color combinations until you find the pair that suits your home and your bathroom the best.

If you decide to install small hexagon tiles, you can even make a custom, one-of-a-kind mosaic floor. Play around with a few different patterns to
help you find the one that suits your needs.

7. Attract Attention with Colored Grout

One of the most popular modern flooring options for tile today is to use colored grout. Not only does this bring a dramatic component to the room, but it also adds a nice contrast between each tile.

For example, install white hexagon tile floors with black grout for a sleek and elegant update. If the idea of colored grout is a bit too overwhelming, you can just use it in the shower to help create a "visual break" and a cool look that's perfect for a modern space.

8. Carry the Tile Into Other Rooms

This modern tile flooring doesn't just look stunning in a bathroom. If you're re-doing other floors in your home, consider carrying the same tile into the bedroom and hallway, or even throughout the entire home.

Mix and match different hexagon tile sizes, materials, colors, and finishes in different spaces. You'll create a cohesive look that's also fun and contemporary thanks to subtle differences in each room.

9. Hire the Pros for Installation

Installing tile flooring can be a tricky and laborious job. If you don't have any experience with tile, it's best to hire a professional flooring company to get the job done right.

Make sure you're clear about what you want the final product to look like. Not only do the professionals know how to install this type of tile correctly, but you'll also have protection if something goes wrong during installation.

Elevate Your Home Today

A modern hexagon tile bathroom brings elegance and sophistication to your home. Remember these tips so you can choose the right type of hexagon tile that suits your space and your lifestyle.

When you're ready to make a change to your home, explore the flooring options at National Floors Direct or contact us today to find out more!